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Laura Bilenker

Undergraduate Student

Laura is a recent graduate who is continuing to perform experiments in our laboratory. She is evaluating the lowest T existence of a Cu-Fe-S liquid phase, and how it may affect the concentration of Ag, Au and other ore metals, in arc magmatic systems


Dan Hawkins

Graduate Student

Daniel is studying oxygen fugacity and volatile element behavior along the Sierra Nevada Batholith to better understand regional-scale controls on the potential for ore formation and, combined with isotopic data, to investigate the redox and volatile element conditions of melt sources in the Sierras.

(photo at left is from the Vinalhaven Complex, Maine)


Ryan Kerrigan

Graduate Student

(photo at left is on Chimborazo, Ecuador-its summit is the farthest point from the center of the Earth)

Ryan came to the LMDR during the winter term of 2006. He is using a hydrothermal diamond anvil cell (HDAC) to investigate the solubility of ore metals in hydrothermal systems. You can get more information here.

Michael Mengason

Graduate Student

Michael is developing experimental methods to investigate phase relations among sulfides as well as their geochemical behavior in arc magma of intermediate composition with respect to the metals Cu, Ag, Au, and Mo.  Michael works with evacuated fused quartz tubes as well as a cold-seal TZM pressure vessel which is equipped for rapid quenching.

(photo at left is at the summit of Kala Patar, Nepal)

Brian Tattitch

Graduate Student

Brian is a rock climber and mineral collector. He is working on a Ph.D.utilizing cold-seal hydrothermal experiments to investigate the behavior of copper in melt-vapor-brine systems similar to those found in natural porphyry-Cu deposits. More information about Brian can be found here.

Zoltan Zajacz

Post Doc

Zoltan is performing an experimental study to obtain quantitative information on the distribution of Cu, Au, Mo and S between andesitic and basaltic silicate melts and various volatile phases. The experiments are being carried out in rapid-quench TZM pressure vessel apparatus.

The picture was taken during a recent eruption of Mt. Etna. Zoltan is a volcano chaser.




AcknowledgementThis work would not be possible without the support of the National Science Foundation, the Department of Geology, and the University of Maryland.

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