Climate change is a conspiracy for scientists to make money

Brief Responses to Climate Change Denialism Statements

CPSG 200 Science & Global Change Sophomore Colloquium

It is a conspiracy for scientists to make money

Some people believe that the concept of global warming is a conspiracy for scientists to make money for themselves. However, many scientists did not choose this occupation because of money, instead, they chose it because of their interest in the field and to continue to bring new advancements to the world we live in today. Many people tend to misunderstand the funding of science and how it works. Yes, funding goes towards individual scientists to discover and identify new ventures, but many people confuse that as money going towards scientist when really it's going toward the identifying science and the nature behind it. Many receive money through grants and from this, it seems as if scientists would make a lot of money. But in reality, a lot of this money gets divided up in the process. For instance, a grant of one million dollars can be divided up between different investigators from universities, several years, university costs, office equipment, graduate students, and money to publish a scientific paper. A majority of the grant goes to the work of the scientists and not to the scientists themselves. Being a scientist is a very dedicative career in which individuals choose to pursue based on deep interest and not based strictly on monetary desires.

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Contributed by: Atsue Sawai, Omoniola Oladimeji, Abena Agyepong

Last modified: 24 October 2017