"It was hot in prehistoric times, when there weren't SUVs and coal power plants"

Prehistoric times are far different than today.

CPSG 200 Science & Global Change Sophomore Colloquium

"It was hot in prehistoric times, when there weren't SUVs and coal power plants"

Even though there weren't SUVs and coal power plants in prehistoric times, it does not deny the fact that these are some of the highest contributors to why our climate is changing. Humans are emitting an excess amount of CO2 at a faster rate than even the most destructive climate changes that happened in prehistoric times. This means there is a much faster rate of temperature increase than comparing it to the rate during prehistoric times. This unfortunately amplifies the effects of global warming.

During these moments in prehistoric times, the temperature was fluctuating rapidly, at times the climate was very hot as people claim due to volcanic eruptions and other contributor to CO2 emissions and other times most of the world was actually really cold due to ice ages caused by the earth's orbit and tilt. In addition, the growing greenhouse effect is making our planet more sensitive to CO2. Due to all of these reasons our current climate is very different than what it was during prehistoric times and it is not right to compare them.

It was hot during prehistoric times and there are other non-anthropogenic factors contributing to global warming but that does not mean that we are not responsible to the current. Anthropogenic factors such as vehicle emissions and coal power plants, among other factors absolutely contribute to global warming and are hurting our planet. Overall, just because there are other factors that we are not in control of affecting our climate does not mean that the anthropogenic factors, that we do have control over, are not also affecting global warming.

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Contributed by: Swati Adipudi, Sophia Giavotto, Melissa Pothen

Last modified: 22 October 2017