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General Electric's Excursions in Science radio show episode "Climate and Industrial Activity"
From a 1956 radio program about Science, discusses what was then known about anthropogenic climate change. As you will hear, they had already worked out the vast majority of the details!:

Visual Depictions of CO2 Levels and Emissions
First, one from

These other, more technical, ones courtesy of a post on the blogsite Skeptical Science:

Time history of atmospheric CO2 (2011 update): observed atmospheric Carbon Dioxide monthly variations by location from 1979 to 2011, followed by early observed records and the proxy record going back to 600 ka:

Aqua/AIRS Carbon Dioxide with Mauna Loa Carbon Dioxide Overlaid (a time-series of the global distribution and variation of the concentration of mid-tropospheric carbon dioxide observed by the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) on the NASA Aqua spacecraft):

The Vulcan Project: high resolution fossil fuel CO2 emissions and transport over the United States:

Carbontracker visualisation of global transportation of CO2 through 2008:

Land Temperature Anomaly Video: excellent visualization of the instrumental surface temperature from 1800 to 2009. Note the spread of the regions for which direct temperatures can be recorded. (Note: this is the product of the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project, organized and funded by climate change skeptics and deniers. Nonetheless, in the best traditions of Science, they followed where the data led them.)


The Most IMPORTANT Video You'll Ever See
A lecture (over the course of 8 videos) by Dr. Albert Bartlett (Professor Emeritus of Physics at Univ of Colorado-Boulder) about the mathematics behind growth, using examples of population, energy resources, and related issues:


Wake Up, Freak Out, Then Get a Grip
Animated film by
Leo Murray. Begins with a great overview of the science of climate change. (Note: sound is a bit low):


How It All Ends
The starting point for a LOONNGGG series of videos by science teacher
Greg Craven. An update to the initial video "The Most Terrifying Video You Will Ever See"


Potholer54's Climate Change Videos
series of videos (part of a larger series explaining key concepts in earth and life sciences). These particular ones address the science, the politics, the media, and the sociology of climate change and climate change studies:

The Ice Age (explains glacial-interglacial cyclicty):

1. Climate Change - The Scientific Debate:

2. Climate Change - The Objections:

3. Climate Change - Anatomy of a Myth:

4. Climate Change - Gore vs. Durkin (examines the movies An Inconvenient Truth and The Great Global Warming Swindle):

5. Climate Change - Isn't It Natural?:

6. Climate Change - Those Hacked E-Mails (reviews the 2009 CRU emails):

7. Climate Change - "Those" E-mails and Science Censorship (continues the examination of the CRU emails):

8. Climate Change - Has the Earth been cooling?:

8a. Climate Change - supplement (Deals with misreporting on the work of Phil Jones, among others):

9. Climate Change - Meet the Scientists:

10. Climate Change - An imminent ice age debunked:

11. Climate Change - Hurricanes, atolls and corals:

Mail bag 1 (corrections on the previous sets of videos):

'Doubled CO2 means just 1.64 degrees of warming...' or maybe not:

Mail bag 2 - Hurricanes, atolls and corals (corrections to criticisms of video 11):

BP oil spills and an end to snow (looks at odd claims made in the media and blogosphere, and contrasts them with actual scientific research):

Monckton Bunkum #1 - Global Cooling and Melting (first in a series to examine the claims of "Lord" Monckton):

Monckton Bunkum #2 - Sensitivity (second in the series):

Monckton Bunkum # 3 - Correlations and Himalayan glaciers (third in the series):

Monckton Bunkum # 4 - Quotes and misquotes (fourth in the series):

Monckton Bunkum # 5 - What, MORE errors, my lord? (fifth in the series):

Why the media screw up science Part 1: Sources:

Climategate Mark 2 -- the quotes and the context (discusses the 2011 repeat of Climategate):

Monckton responds (part 1/2 and 2/2)) (Monckton responds to the "Monckton Bunkum videos; here are the responses):

Himalayan glaciers -- "no melt in 10 years" (examines yet more misreporting of a recent scientific study):

Medieval Warm Period -- fact vs. fiction:


Climate Denial Crock of the Week
series of videos (initially, but no longer, weekly) that take a particular claim by deniers of climate change and sees how they hold up. If you go to the actual Youtube page for each, and click on the "more info" link, you can find hotlinks to the original papers and other references. These are humerous, often sarcastic, but informative videos. There is now a blog for Climate Crocks. (Unlike Potholer54's videos, no need to watch these in order):

"It's Cold, So There's No Climate Change":

Ice Area vs. Volume:

Solar Schmolar (examines claims that changes in solar output are the primary factor in short scale recent climate changes):

That 1500 Year Thing (examine the claims by S. Fred Singer and Dennis Avery in Unstoppable Global Warming Every 1500 Years):

The "Urban Heat Island" (did you REALLY think that climatologists and meteorologists weren't aware of this effect?):

The "Medieval Warming Crock":

The "Temps Leads Carbon Crock" (if this is your primary objection to An Inconvenient Truth, find out more details here):

Party Like It's 1998 (if you think the phrase "global cooling" describes the last decade, you can find the source of this myth here):

Sense from Deniers? Don't Hold Your Breath (among other things, addresses the misunderstanding of the impact of carbon dioxide from respiration vs. that from burning long sequestered fossil fuels):

Don't Make My Green World Brown (ideally increased carbon dioxide might aid plant growth; however, there are other factors involved...):

The Big Swindle Movie (examines the claims and history of The Great Global Warming Swindle):

This Year's Model (there is much more to climate research than models, despite claims to the contrary):

Polar Ice Update (examines changes in polar ice over time):

Watts Up With Watts? (examines the claims of meteorologist Anthony Watts and

Creepy at the EPA (examines claims of suppression of data at the US EPA):

Denial Was a River in Africa (impact of climate change (and especially consequent changes water distribution) on the developing world):

1998 Revisited (did climate warming stop in 1998? Not so much...)

Mars Attacks!!! (examines issues related to climate on other worlds in the Solar System)

All Wet on Sea Level (examines two often-confused elements of sea level rise: thermal expansion and glacial melting):

Birth of a Climate Crock (documents the rise of a brand new climate change denial crock: Mojib Latif taken out of context in September 2009. Subsequent to this video it happened again in January 2010.):

2009 Sea Ice Update:

The Big Mist Take: Water Vapor and Climate:

Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack Part 1 (first part of a review of the CRU e-mail leaks):

Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack Part 2:

Climate Deniers Love the 70s! (In the 1970s did the majority of climatologists really think a new Ice Age was imminent? No, despite popular claims to the contrary. See the actual information here):

32000 Scientists (Did 32000 scientists really sign a petition saying that humans are not the primary cause of recent climate change? Well, no. More details here.):

"It's So Cold, There Can't Be Global Warming" (As well as addressing this particular crock, it reviews 2009 conditions in context):

What We Know About Climate Change (An excellent overview of the science):

Flogging the Scientists (A look at intentional active mis-quotation and scapegoating by the climate denial industry):

Debunking Lord Monckton Part 1 (about one of the most influential climate change denialist):

Debunking Lord Monckton Part 2:

Climate Crock Sacks Hack Attack: The Wrap (summary of anti-scientist movement and reviews the investigations of the "Climategate" manufactuversy):

Climate Change and National Security (from interviews with various military and other security professionals):

Climate Change and National Security - Part 2 (continued from above. Yes, top US national security professionals are concerned about the implications of climate change):

Heatwave Edition Part 1:

Heatwave Edition Part 2: (discusses solar minima and sunspot cycles)

The "CO2 is Plant Food" Crock

The Earth is Carbon Starved (mostly a review of paleoclimate research)

2010 Arctic Ice Update

Extinction: It's not just for Polar Bears anymore (SGC faculty note: from our point of view of a couple of paleontologists, this is an uncharacteristically weak episode. There are FAR more serious issues of extinction--indeed, mass extinction--associated with climate change than simply adding one more large charismatic mammal to the list.)

Climate Science 1956: A Blast from the Past (reviews the work of Gilbert Plass in the 1950s, providing the foundation of modern climate change studies):

Watts Up with Sea Ice? (reviews the polar ice data for Summer 2010):

Global Warming? or Climate Change? (examines one of the silliest of climate change denial crocks: that there is something insidious on using the phrase "climate change" vs. "global warming"):

What the Ice Cores Tell Us (examines the false claim that Medieval Greenland was a green paradise, and looks at the science of ice core data):

How to Pick a Cherry (a brief video examining a recent case of data "cherry picking" by former astronaut Harrison Schmitt with regards to Arctic sea ice):

What the Ice Cores Tell Us, and How Deniers Distort It:

Unwinding "Hide the Decline" (reviews 'Climategate', with the added twist of Richard Muller's Berkeley project):

The "Temp Leads Carbon" Crock: Updated:

Lord Monckton: Bring Out Your Dead!!!:

This is Not Cool. Heatwave 2011 (this year's hot summer in historical perspective):

2011 Arctic Ice Minimum:

Bad, Badder, BEST (discusses the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project, organized and funded by climate change deniers and skeptics, who nevertheless found that the other climatologists had been right all along.

Global Warming: It's Not About the Hockey Stick (discusses how Mann's "hockey stick" diagram is not the primary evidence for global change):

Climate, Sun, and Cosmic Rays (examines the misinformation about short term solar cyclicity and of cosmic rays on recent global warming):

Myth of a Mini Ice Age (examines the misreporting on the current solar minimum, and the evidence that despite reduced insolation temperature still rises):

LATEST: Global Warming: What We Knew in '82:

Renewable Energy Solution of the Month
A new series of videos by the same source as
Climate Crock. Like the main series, If you go to the actual Youtube page for each, and click on the "more info" link, you can find hotlinks to the original papers and other references:

Plug-in Hybrids (benefits to having plug-in electric hybrid engines):

Wind (current and future status of wind-generated power):

Wind - Part 2 (further information):

Energy Efficiency Part 1:

Energy Efficiency Part 2 (many examples of contemporary energy efficient homes and buildings):

LATEST: Wind Energy at the Crossroad:


Climate Denial Videos
A short series of very short videos from
Planet Green.

Has Global Warming Stopped?:

Denying Global Warming:

Impossible Expectations:

Climate Skeptics vs. Deniers:

Cherry Picking Data, A Climate Denier's Favorite Weapon:

Denying the Evidence:

Logical Fallacies and Past Climate Change: