CPSG100 Science & Global Change First Year Colloquium I
"Awful Changes": The Reality of Environmental Crises & the Nature of Science

CCC110 Tues. 3:30-4:50 pm
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Date Topic

8/25/17 (Fri.) SERVICE DAY
8/29/17 Introduction and Logistics of Class
Practical Advice for Being an Effective University Student
9/1/17 (Fri.) Scholars Block Party
9/5/17 What is Global Change, and Why Should I Care?
Reading: Kida Introduction and Chaps. 1-3
9/10/17 (Sun.) Metro Scavenger Hunt
9/12/17 What is Science?
Anatomy of a Scientific Paper
Reading: Kida Chaps. 4-6
Metro Scavenger Hunt Due
9/17/17 (Sun.) Field Trip: Fossil Hunting at Bayfront Park, Brownie Beach, Chesapeake Beach, MD
9/19/17 Quiz 1
Scientific Method 101: Observations & Hypotheses
Reading: Kida Chaps. 7-9
Anatomy of a Scientific Paper project due
9/26/17 Scientific Method 201: "Just a Theory"
Workshop: Files, Folders, Servers & Uploading a File [Please bring laptop to class]
Reading: Kida Chaps. 10-12, Epilogue
9/30/17 (Sat.) FIELD TRIP: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, MD
10/3/17 Quiz 2
A Look at Logical Fallacies
Panel: Opportunities at the University
Uploaded image due
10/10/17 Workshop: Overview of Website Design (see assignment and template) [Please bring laptop to class] [Additional information will be provided on Panopto online]
Effectiveness and Honesty
Online Reading: Sagan Chaps 10, 12
10/17/17 Quiz 3
Using Sagan's Toolbox
Reading: Kolbert Prologue & Chaps. I-II
10/21/17 (Sat.) FIELD TRIP: American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
10/24/17 Websites Continued: Cascading Style Sheets
Modern Plesiosaurs, Ancient Astronauts, and Hollow-Earth Antarctic Space Nazis: the Lure and Lore of Pseudoscience
Base portfolio due Reading: Kolbert III-V
10/31/17 Quiz 4
Every Rock is a Record of the Environment in Which It Formed
Reading: Kolbert VI-VIII
CSS-modified Portfolio due
11/7/17 Awful Changes: The Fossil Record and Meaning of Extinction
Reading: Kolbert IX-XI
11/12/17 (Sun.) FIELD TRIP: Koshland Science Museum
11/14/16 Quiz 5
The Sixth Extinction: Reflections and Discussions
Reading: Kolbert XII-XIII
11/21/17 Life Finds A Way (Except When It Doesn't): Biological Responses to Environmental Crises
(Yes, we do have class today!)
11/28/17 Quiz 6
Climate Change & Human History
12/5/17 Final Quiz
Climate Change in the News
Field Trip Report Due
"Power" Theme Report Due