CPSG101 Science & Global Change First Year Colloquium II
Welcome to the Anthropocene: Living in a Human Dominated World

CCC110 Tues. 3:30-4:50 pm
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Date Topic

1/26/16 Semester Introduction: Welcome to the Anthropocene; Systems [Snow cancellation: Watch Panopto Video on Canvas]
1/27/16 "Speaking Up on Picking Up" 6:30 pm, CCC 1205 ("Trash" theme event)
2/2/16 Paleoclimate Proxies GROUP PROJECT
Climate Proxy Take-Home Assignment Due
2/9/16 Energy & Society GROUP PROJECT
Reading: Mann & Kump pp. 6-55
2/16/16 Quiz 1
Carbon Footprint GROUP PROJECT
Carbon Footprint Take-Home Assignment Due
Reading: Mann & Kump pp. 56-81
2/23/16 Climatology 101: Insolation and Atmospheres
Reading: Mann & Kump pp. 82-117
2/28/16 (Sun.) Field Trip: Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, MD
2/29/16 "You Study WHAT?! On Becoming a Scholar of Trash" (conversation with Robin Nagle and Dean Bill Cohen) 6 pm, Location TBA ("Trash" theme event)
3/1/16 Overview of "Impact of Global Change" Poster Project
Reading: Mann & Kump pp. 118-149
3/8/16 Quiz 2
Strategies for Finding an Internship (Erica L. Ely, Program Director, Internships, University Career Center);
Climatology 201: Oceans, Geography, Seasons, and Short-Term Cycles;
Reading: Mann & Kump pp. 150-163
Team Formation/Proposal of Topic/Contract due
Also 3/8/16 Movie Terra Blight, 6:30 pm, CCC 1100 ("Trash" theme event)
3/22/16 Climatology 301: Climate Formation Wrap-Up;
Reading: Mann & Kump pp. 164-189
3/29/16 Quiz 3
Climate Change: How We Know It Happens & How We Know It's Us
Reading: Mann & Kump pp. 190-213
Annotated Bibliography due
4/5/16 Storms of Our Grandchildren: Climate Change Effects on Weather and Water Poster Draft due
4/7/16 "Agricultural Waste on the Eastern Shore", 6 pm, location TBD ("Trash" theme event)
4/12/16 Quiz 4
The Value of the Biosphere: Ecological Services. Guest Lecture by Scholars--Environment, Technology & the Economy Director Becky Archer
4/17/16 (Sun.) Field Trip: National Zoological Garden, Washington, DC
4/19/16 "Impacts of Global Change" Presentations, Part I
4/26/16 "Impacts of Global Change" Presentations, Part II
Peer Evaluation due
Online Course Evaluations begin
4/27/16 (Wed.) Undergraduate Research Day, Grand Ballroom, Stamp Student Union, 1 - 4 pm
4/30/16 (Sat.) Field Trip: University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, Horn Point Laboratory and Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, Cambridge, MD
5/3/16 Quiz 5
What's the Worst that Could Happen? Abrupt Climate Change, the Sixth Extinction, and Other Ongoing Existential Crises
5/5/16 (Thurs.) Scholars Academic Showcase, 5:30-7 pm, Reckford Armory
5/7/16 (Sat.) "Step Up To Bat For Kids" Scholars Charity Softball Tournament
5/10/16 Final Quiz
Is There Hope? Planning to Live in a Changing World
Academic Showcase Report Due
Also 5/10/16 Movie Gravity, 8 pm, CCC 1100 ("Trash" theme event)
5/11/16 (Wed.) Online Course Evaluations ends; please complete your evaluations before this date