CPSG200 Science & Global Change Sophomore Colloquium
The Search for Solutions: Resiliency in the Age of Consequences

CCC110 Mon. 3:30-4:50 pm
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Date Topic

8/28/17 Introduction; Practicum Issues; Overview of the S4S Team Project
Resiliency in the Age of Consequences
9/1/17 (Fri.) Scholars Block Party
9/4/17 LABOR DAY: no class
9/11/17 The Culture of Science: Who Pays for Science?
Reading: Darling & Sisterson Introduction & Part 1
9/17/17 (Sun.) Field Trip: Fossil Hunting at Bayfront Park, Brownie Beach, Chesapeake Beach, MD
9/18/17 Future Shock: The Unexpected Impacts of Technology
Reading: Darling & Sisterson Introduction Part 2
9/25/17 Quiz 1
Communicating Science: Science & the News Media
Reading: Darling & Sisterson Part 3
S4S Team Project Team List, Topic Choice & Contract due
9/30/17 (Sat.) FIELD TRIP: Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, Edgewater, MD
10/2/17 There are No #AlternativeFacts: Climate Change Denialism
Introduction of the Climate Denial Response "Elevator Pitch" Project
Reading: Darling & Sisterson Part 4
Science & the Media Project due; Elevator Pitch sign-up due
10/9/17 Quiz 2
Sustainability on Campus [Guest Presentation]
Reading: Darling & Sisterson Part 5 & Epilogue
S4S Team Project Annotated Bibliography due
10/16/17 Elevator Pitches Workshop
Science & Fiction: How Ideas Get Spread (For Good or Ill)
Elevator Pitch drafts due
10/21/17 (Sat.) FIELD TRIP: American Museum of Natural History, New York, NY
10/23/17 At the Fringes: Science Confronts Pseudoscience
Tips for PowerPoint Presentations
Reading: Barnosky Preface, Chaps. 1-2
Elevator Pitch websites due
10/30/17 "Search for Solutions" Team Projects, Part I
Reading: Barnosky Chaps. 3-4
11/6/17 "Search for Solutions" Team Projects, Part II
Reading: Barnosky Chaps. 5-6
Practicum Proposal due
11/12/17 (Sun.) FIELD TRIP: Koshland Science Museum
11/13/17 Quiz 3
"Search for Solutions" Team Projects, Part III
Reading: Barnosky Chaps. 7-8
11/20/17 "Search for Solutions" Team Projects, Part IV
S4S Team Project Peer Evaluation due
11/27/17 Mad Science in Culture and in History
12/4/17 Quiz 4
Science as a Defense Against Tyranny
12/11/17 Final Quiz
The World Set Free: The Enlightenment and the New Revolution
3-Semester Review due onlineLearning Contract due
Field Trip Report due
"Power" Theme Report due