The Geology, Hydrology, and Ecology of Canyonlands National Park

August 8-20, 2010

Reaction Paper Topics

Due 9-20-10


Topics to be addressed are:

  1. How does the contemporary Colorado River transport sediment? What relationships are evident between speed and volume of current flow and size and sorting of sediment particles? What form do sediments assume when deposited by the current and what distinctive features do they show?

  2. Which major rock units are visible from the river during the excursion. (Provide formal formation names.) What rock types do they contain? How do they relate to one another in terms of geologic time?

  3. Describe the rock units you listed above. What kind of rock types doe they consist of? What kind of distinctive features do they display?

  4. In what kind of ancient environments were the rock unites exposed in the traverse deposited in? Generally speaking, how did the environment of Canyonlands National Park change during the interval in which the sediments from which tese rocks were formed being deposited?

Proper completion of the paper will require the student to be familiar with the Geologic Time Scale ( with the instructors notes on sedimentary rocks and environments from GEOL100 (