Arizona Natural History and Astronomy

College Park Scholars - Earth, Life, and
and Science Discovery and the Universe
University of Maryland, College Park

March 16-25, 2007

College Park Scholars - Earth Life and Time and Science Discovery and the Universe announce a Spring Break excursion to the natural history and Astronomy of Arizona. In ten days, experience the diverse geology, zoology, botany and archaeology of this spectacular state, and peer through the telescopes of the famous Kitt Peak Observatory. Other destinations include the Sunset Crater Volcano, Meteor Crater, the ruins of Wupakti and Walnut Canyon, the saguaro forests of the Sonoran Desert, the unique Chiricahua biome, and the ultimate Geology field site - the Grand Canyon.

Itinerary includes:

Credit and eligibility: Participants get one credit for Geology 288 Field Geology free of additional tuition. Limited to full time UMCP undergraduate students.

Cost: Program cost is $475.00, not including airfare. This covers vehicles, hotels, breakfasts and lunches. Students will need an additional $100-$150 to cover the cost of the remaining meals and other personal expenses. A group airfare rate of $446.70 has been arranged by the program.


The University reserves the right to cancel this program in response to insufficient enrollment or other extenuating circumstances.

Priority: Will be given to students in the Earth, Life, and Time; Science, Discovery and the Universe; and Life Sciences programs of College Park Scholars, and to Astronomy and Geology majors. Others should contact us for details.

Questions? Contact Thomas Holtz (1216 Centreville Hall, 301-405-4184), John Merck (1218 Centreville Hall, 301-405-2808), or Stephen White (0245 Computer and Space Sciences, 301 405 1547).

To apply, download our flyer and application.

Tentative Syllabus.