BSCI393 Project writeup boilerplate

As a generalization, in any lab writeup your goals should be:

With those goals in mind, here is boilerplate for your project writeups. Feel free to modify it as you deem appropriate.

NOTE: This assignment is subject to the same citation standards and provisions of the Code of Student Conduct as any other.

BSCI393 Semester Project
a Paleoecological Analysis of [taxon]



Briefly discuss which taxon you are studying, where and when your specimens were collected (both geographically and from what rock unit) and their approximate geologic age. (See the project description.)


Indicate the number of specimens and their general condition. (i.e. what were your criteria for rejecting specimens from your analysis. What, if any steps did you take to prevent double-counting the same individual.)


What kind of data did you obtain and how did you obtain it. In all cases, number of LAGs and the comparison of the widths of the last and next to last growth season bands will be the primary data. Discuss any special or useful methods you used to obtain this. The LAG information was, of course, the actual assignment. If you obtained other data as well, indicate what they were (E.G. borings) and how they were obtained.


Provide your actual spreadsheets as appendix tables. In the body of your text, include graphs or histograms showing:

Each of these items should be accompanied by a description (as brief as possible) of what it is and what sort of manipulations the data was subjected to. If you used a spreadsheet like z-plot.xls, be sure to say so.


Interpret your results, as we did in labs 1 and 2. Speculate on your taxon's:

and their biological causes.

Be sure to base your discussion exclusively on your own data. This is not a book report. Also, make sure to account for all forms of your results in your interrpretation. If appropriate, end your discussion with a statement about what kind of additional data might be useful if you were to continue your study.