The Matoaka Cottages Field Trip:

DATE: 10/13/07

RENDEZVOUS: We will not rendezvous on campus, as previously indicated. Instead, we will arrive separately and meet at Matoaka Cottages. Let's aim at all being there by 10:15. Note: The parking area and office are at the top of the cliffs. We will assemble there. At 10:30, we will descend as a group to the beach.

DESCRIPTION: This field trip is both educational and practical. It aims to provide a general introduction to the field paleontology of one of the best fossil collecting rock units in the local area for all interested BSCI392 and 393 students. For students enrolled in BSCI393, it will be your lab groups opportunity to collect a sample of invertebrate specimens for use in the lab project that constitutes a large part of your grade. Thus, although attendance is no mandatory per se, it is essential that your group be represented.

LOGISTICS: We will car-pool to the site, which is roughly an hour and fifteen minutes from campus. Students will arrange group transportation in lecture and lab on Thursday and Friday.