BSCI393 Term Project:

During the course of the semester you will be required to reconstruct the population attributes of a benthic invertebrate species of your own choosing. You should work in your established lab groups. You will need to have the project completed by the last full week of classes, when oral presentations and written summaries are due.

We will be taking a field trip to Calvert Cliffs to examine the bivalve faunas of the Drum Cliff and Boston Cliffs Members of the Choptank Formation on October 13. This is an excellent site to collect your specimens for study.



Most of the specimens you collect at Matoaka Cottages will be "float" - i.e. no longer embedded in sediment. Therefore, collecting should not require special excavation equipment. Indeed, you should not excavate anything from the cliff without the instructor's permission and supervision. Nevertheless, you are welcome to bring equipment such as chisels, awls, and brushes if you have them. You should carry:

Storage space will be provided in the laboratory for your specimens during the semester. At the end of the semester, along with your final report, we request that you provide two or three representative specimens of your research species to become part of the reference material for the course.

Recommended fossil bivalves for use in term projects.