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[NOTE TO FACULTY: This syllabus mock-up is intended to provide guidance to instructors of GEOL100 Introduction to Physical Geology. It represents the consensus of faculty who frequently teach the course, as of 2009. We expect it to allow considerable freedom for faculty to adapt their sections to their preferences and strengths while providing for consistency among sections and continuity over time.

COLOR CODE: Syllabus elements that are not expected to vary are in black. Logistical elements specific to each section are in fuchsia. Elements requiring specification by the instructor are in red.]

Lecturer: Name
Office: Location
Office Hours: Like you would even consider attending
Phone: xxx-xxx-xxxx



Lectures:Some venue

Text: Whatever

Description: A general survey of the rocks and minerals composing the earth, its surface features and the agents that form them, and the dynamic forces of plate tectonics.

CORE: This class fulfills a CORE Physical Lab Science Course requirement (PL) ONLY when taken concurrently with GEOL 110, Physical Geology Laboratory.

Labs: GEOL110 is a separate course, and attendance and grading policies are strictly up to your TA. Note: Labs begin during the week of XXXX.

Final grades: Your final letter grade will be based on the following elements:

Appeal of grades: Policies regarding timely appeal of grades are determined at the instructor's discretion. In this as in all college courses, you should retained all graded items until proper grades have been recorded on your transcript.

Extra credit:

Expectations: Grade calculation: With diligent work it is possible for each student to attain an A in this class. Grading will be based on points gained from the examinations and assignments listed above. Scores on exams and assignments will be curved so that the class median is made equal to a 75. Letter grades will be assigned based on the following scale. Standard rounding will be used, with final scores rounded to the nearest integer percentage, such that a 69.4 would be a D+ and a 69.5 a C-:

100-97% = A+ 96-94% = A 93-90% = A-
89-87% = B+ 86-84% = B 83-80% = B-
79-77% = C+ 76-74% = C 73-70% = C-
69-67% = D+ 66-64% = D 63-60% = D-
<60% = F


Lecture topics: [Here I list what I consider to be the primary subject areas grouped into plausible lectures.

Ancillary topics: These have been variously been addressed by different GEOL100 instructors.