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Earth, Life & Time

Gallery Fall 2008

The ELT students and faculty are involved with many different academic and co-cirricular activities every year. This will be a gallery of images from the Fall Semester 2008. Go here for the Spring Semester events, after Spring arrives.

NOTE: This file is graphics-intensive, and so it may take a while to download.

Service Day, August 29, 2008
Every year, all incoming Scholars students spend a day of service to the local community in Scholars Service Day.

Once again, ELT freshmen, faculty, upperclassman student leaders, and others travel to Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens to remove growth of the invasive aquatic plant Hydrilla.

Metro Scavenger Hunt, September 7, 2008
The new freshmen get to know downtown Washington, D.C., the Washington Metro system, and each other in our annual Metro Scavenger Hunt.

ELT Annual BBQ, September 7, 2008
Upon their return from the Metro Scavenger Hunt, the freshment get to meet the sophomores and other ELT upperclassmen at our annual BBQ.

Brownie Beach, September 28, 2008
ELT students visit the world famous Calvert Cliffs at Brownie Beach (south of Chesapeake Beach) to collect Miocene Epoch fossils.

Upper left image copyright 2008 C. Jeffers

Jug Bay Wetland Sanctuary, September 28, 2008
After visiting the fossil sites, it is off to Jug Bay to learn about the local wetland environment.

Upper right image copyright 2008 B. Ginley; upper left image copyright 2008 A. Marsh; lower left copyright 2008 T. Ngyuen; lower right copyright 2008 M. Sioson

2nd Annual ELT Citation Celebration, October 10, 2008
On Family Weekend, we honored last year's sophomores who completed their Earth, Life & Time Citations. (Apologies for the images: it was at this point that the trusty but 10-year old ELT camera began to break down...)

Maryland Science Center, October 11, 2008
No rest for the weary... The next day ELT faculty and current students were off to Baltimore to the Maryland Science Center.

Upper right image copyright 2008 V. Hill; lower right image copyright 2008 E. Wofford

Paint Branch & Western Maryland Geology, November 8, 2008
In order to better understand the principles of geology, ELT students examine local (Paint Branch) geology to constrast it with Triassic deposits in western Maryland.

Commando Geology, November 11, 2008
Back in the CCC, the freshmen get up close and personal with handsamples of rocks.

Koshland Museum, November 23, 2008
At the Marian Koshland Science Museum, ELT students explore current issues in science and society.

Explorations Past..., Library of Congress, December 6, 2008
As part of a two-part field trip, ELT students visit the Library of Congress' new exhibit on "Exploring the Early Americas". (Note: photography was not allowed in the exhibit itself.)

...And Explorations Future, National Air & Space Museum, December 6, 2008
Then it was off to the National Air & Space Museum's new exhibit on "Space: A Journey to Our Future".

Check here for new pictures in the Spring Semester

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