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Gallery 2004-2005

The ELT students and faculty are involved with many different academic and co-cirricular activities every year. This is a gallery of images from the 2004-2005 school year.

Service Day, August 27, 2004

Service Day, August 27, 2004. The incoming freshman class spend their first full day at College Park in service to the local community. Before departing, there is a grand assembly. This year's class performed their service at Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens (where they, along with student leaders and faculty, helped to remove invasive plant species from the habitat) and Clagett Farms.

Clagett Farms in Upper Marlboro is an organic farm run jointly by the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the Capital Area Food Bank. At least half the produce (including the potatoes, peppers, and squashes picked by ELT students, student leaders, and faculty on Service Day) are sent to low-income neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.

Metro Scavenger Hunt, September 12, 2004

In order to orient students to the Washington Metro System, and to introduce them to the many interesting opportunities in Washington, DC, the freshmen do a Scavenger Hunt every year.

Cooperaceras texanum, the ELT Mascot, on display at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History.

After the Metro Scavenger Hunt, freshmen and sophomore ELT students (and assorted hangers-on) get together for a BBQ outside of Centreville Hall.

National Zoo Field Trip, October 2, 2004

ELT Sophomores visit the National Zoo in order to better understand the biodiversity and conservation issues facing the world today.

Family Weekend Scholars Lunch, October 10, 2004

As part of the Family Weekend festivities, past and present Scholars and faculty meet for lunch.

Citation Ceremony, October 10, 2004

After completing all their coursework and practicum work, students receive their CPS Citation at a ceremony held every fall. Congratulations to the 2004 ELT Citation recipients!

Chesapeake Beach, October 23, 2004

The ELT freshmen collect fossils from the Miocene age deposits on the shores of the Chesapeake to learn about the enivornment in this region 12 million years ago...

Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, October 23, 2004

...then visit Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary to better understand the modern biological and depositional environments of central Maryland...

Sandy Mile Creek, November 14, 2004

...and THEN visit the late Silurian/early Devonian rocks at Sandy Mile Creek to understand that western Maryland was once a beach...

Sideling Hill, November 14, 2004

...and THEN at Sideling Hill (with the help of Maryland Geological Survey geologist Dale Shelton) see that the same region was an estuarine system like Jug Bay back in the Mississippian Period!

Adventures in Deep Time, November 16, 2004

Back at College Park, ELT freshmen explore the concept of "deep time" by constructing time lines at scales ranging from 1 mm = 1 million years to 1 mm = 1000 years.

National Museum of the American Indian, November 21, 2004

ELT sophomores and freshmen visit the brand-new National Museum of the American Indian to learn about Native American cultures and traditions.

Marian Koshland Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, December 4, 2004

One of the newest museums in the District, the Koshland explores major contemporary issues in science through interactive displays. Here the ELT sophomores and freshmen examined topics such as biotechnology and global climate change.

Phylogenetic Analysis of the Solanicephala, February 8, 2005

In Colloquium, ELT freshman use the technique of cladistics to infer the evolutionary history of the Solanicephala (better known as "potato heads").

Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of Natural History, February 12, 2005

ELT freshman visit the National Museum of Natural History to get a better understanding of the modern and ancient world.

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge, April 3, 2005

CPS-Life Sciences and ELT students team up to help remove trash from Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge on Maryland's Eastern Shore, and see something of the local habitat and its inhabitants.

The American Museum of Natural History, April 9, 2005

As part of the annual Scholars in New York trip, ELT freshmen and sophomores explore the halls the American Museum of Natural History.

The Bronx Zoo, April 10, 2005

The next day, students visited the Bronx Zoo.

CPS Academic Showcase, May 6, 2005

ELT sophomores present the work that they did for their Practicum projects as part of the CPS Academic Showcase.

CPS Softball Tournament, May 7, 2005

ELT freshmen, sophomores, and alumni team up as part of the annual "Step Up To Bat For Kids" CPS softball tournament.

Thanks for the great year!

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