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Gallery 2005-2006

The ELT students and faculty are involved with many different academic and co-cirricular activities every year. This is a gallery of images from the Fall 2005 Semester. Go here for images of the Spring 2006 semester.

Service Day, August 29, 2005

And so it begins again... Every year the incoming freshman CPS students spend a day of service to the local community. Once again, the ELT freshmen performed their work at Kennilworth Aquatic Gardens and Clagett Farms.

Clagett Farm, in Upper Marlboro, MD, is an organic farm which provides about half their produce to needy families in Washington, D.C. ELT freshmen, student leaders, and faculty helped to manually weed the plots, as well as clean vegetables.

Metro Scavenger Hunt, September 10, 2005

In order to better introduce the students to the Washington area (and each other), we send them out on a Scavenger Hunt on the National Mall, and beyond...

ELT Picnic, September 10, 2005

Upon their return to campus, the freshmen join sophomores, ELT faculty & staff, and Centreville RAs for the annual ELT cookout.

Chesapeake Beach, October 2, 2005

ELT freshmen search for (and find!) fossil shark teeth and other remains of life from the Miocene Epoch at the world-famous Calvert Cliffs. (Apologies for the water splash on the lens: Holtz did not notice this until AFTER the field trip was over!)

Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, October 2, 2005

Afterwards, we explore the modern environment at Jug Bay, in order to better understand the processes of erosion, deposition, stream flow, tides, and plant growth that control the landforms around us.

National Zoo, October 9, 2005

ELT sophomores examine issues of biodiversity and conservation at the National Zoo.

Scholars Family Breakfast, October 16, 2005

On Family Weekend 2005, current Scholars, alums, and their families get together for the Family Luncheon.

Citation Ceremony, October 16, 2005

After four semesters of effort, the ELT students who entered in Fall of 2003 gather for one last time to receive their Citations. Congratulations to the ELT Citation Class of 2005!

Commando Geology, October 25, 2005

After instructions for ELT Undergraduate TA Annette Mitchell, the ELT freshmen form into their "commando teams" to identify a series of various rocks.

Centreville Halloween Decorations, October 27, 2005

Haunted C'ville!! Decorations from ELT floors in Centreville Hall.

Western Virginia & West Virginia Geology, October 30, 2005

ELT freshmen, faculty, and guest geologist Dr. Aaron Martin explore the geology and fossils of western Virginia and West Virginia.

Agoniatites vanuxemi, an early species of ammonoid from the Early-to-Middle Devonian Needmore Formation of West Virginia.

Oriskany Sandstone, Sandy Mile Creek, November 5, 2005

ELT once again goes on our annual pilgrimage to excellent geological outcrops in western Maryland. Accompanied by Geology Department graduate student Margaret Baker, they first stop at Sandy Mile Creek and exposures of the Devonian Period Oriskany Sandstone. Nothing like hitting the beach up in the mountains...

Sideling Hill, November 5, 2005

Then it was off to the Mississippian Period Purslane and Rockwell Formation exposures at Sideling Hill road cut, quite literally a "textbook example" of a syncline. Many thanks again to Dale Shelton of the Maryland Geological Survey for taking time out of his busy schedule to show us around the hill.

Sideling Hill Exhibit Center, November 5, 2005

Since we have too many students to take onto the Sideling Hill berm at once, half the students examine the Exhibit Center (and enjoyed the vistas of wonderful western Maryland autumn foliage!) while the other half got up close and personal with the rocks.

National Museum of Health and Medicine, November 12, 2005

ELT sophomores visit the National Museum of Health and Medicine, on the campus of Walter Reed Army Medical Center. A small but informative museum which began as a Civil War medicine display, but which has branched out to many different fields of human biology and biomedical technology. A note, though: NOT for the squemish!

Adventures in Deep Time, November 23, 2005

The vastness of Deep Time is hard for the human mind to grasp. Here the ELT freshmen explore events on the geologic, evolutionary, and historic time scales, creating timelines to scales ranging from 1 mm = 1 million years to 1 cm = 1 year.

Marian Koshland Museum of the National Academy of Sciences, December 4, 2005

The ELT sophomores visit the Koshland museum, dedicated to contemporary issues in Science. Here they can examine DNA (including samples of their own), explore the Earth from Space, track historic records and forecasts of climage change, and hang out with Bessie the cow.

Humans share about 98% of our genome with chimpanzees, and 92% with rodents, but sometimes it seems even closer than that...

The ELT Players Present... "Room 101", December 5, 2005

O'Brien (Lindsey Anderson) has a discussion with Winston Smith (Annette Mitchell) over the nature of ontology.

That was one busy Fall Semester! Follow onward for images of Spring Semester 2006 as they come along.

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