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Earth, Life, and Time Practicum


What do these have in common?
They were all practicum projects of ELT students!


A vital part of the College Park Scholars - Earth, Life & Time program experience is the Practicum, an individual research, internship, or service-learning experience. The practicum is the capstone of the student's CPS experience, conducted in the second sophomore semester. The student develops a project to be conducted on campus or elsewhere, which becomes the focus of a 1 to 3 credit course (credit level based on number of on-site hours worked).

These courses are:

Each student works 25 to 75 hours on site in diverse settings, under the supervision of professionals in their field. At the end of this time the student presents their work in the form of a platform or poster presentation on campus, as part of the campus-wide Undergraduate Research Day and/or the CPS Academic Showcase.

Individual hands on experience and the ability to create professional quality presentations: two things that every Earth, Life and Time student will experience as part of the Practicum.

Last modified: 9 June 2003