CPSP 239G/249G Earth, Life & Time Sophomore Practicum Project
Spring 2010


Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.
Office: Centreville 1216
Phone: x5-4084
E-mail: tholtz@umd.edu
Office Hours: Tue 8:30-11 am or by appointment
Dr. John W. Merck, Jr.
Office: Centreville 1218
Phone: x5-2808
E-mail: jmerck@umd.edu
Office Hours: Thurs 3-5 pm (GEO 1119) or by appointment

Sara Sherman
E-mail: sherman8@umd.edu
Office Hours: Centreville 1217, Mon 1-2 pm

A pdf version of this file is available here.

NOTE: It is your responsibility as a student to completely read through and understand this syllabus. If you have questions about it, please contact Dr. Holtz or Dr. Merck. You will be held responsible for following all requirements of this syllabus.

NOTE ALSO: There will be a $40 fee for the printing of your poster, which will be charged when you apply to participate in the Academic Showcase.

Requirements: In order successfully to complete the ELT practicum, you must satisfy four requirements:

Grades: The grade for this class is based on the following:

IMPORTANT!!: Each and every person MUST do their own poster. This is true even if you were collaborators on the same exact project. Each poster must be individualized (although of course there will be some overlap if you are doing the same project!).

A guide is provided to help you construct your poster.

Our expectation is that everyone will get an A by following the rules. However, if you fall short of the standards, your grade will be docked accordingly.

GRADE SCALE (Course): >=90, A; 80-89, B; 70-79, C; 60-69, D; <60, F. "+" and "-" grades are given to the top and bottom two-point range, respectively, within each grade.

Schedule: The following includes our various meetings throughout the semester, plus other important dates. If you cannot make the individual evening meetings, please check in with us to make certain that you are getting all the relevant information.

IMPORTANT: It is expected that you will be present for your presentations at either the Undergraduate Research Day or the Academic Showcase. Please plan accordingly.

Course Evaluations: CourseEvalUM will be open for students to complete their evaluations for Fall 2010 courses between Tuesday, April 27, and Wednesday, May 12. Students can go directly to the website to complete their evaluations, beginning April 27. You will be alerted about these dates and provided more information closer to that time, and students will be alerted via their official University e-mail account.

Students who complete evaluations for all of their courses in the previous semester (excluding summer), can access the posted results via Testudo's CourseEvalUM Reporting link for any course on campus that has at least a 70% response rate. You can find more information, including periodic updates, at the IRPA course evaluation website.

The expectation is that all students will complete these. This is YOUR chance to anonymously evaluate this class: please use this opportunity!

Guidelines for Project Presentations:
One big benefit we hope to derive from this exercise is that we will all look good. In order to facilitate this we are suggesting the following presentation guidelines. There are certain things we absolutely require, however depending on the nature of your project, you may want to modify other aspects slightly. Feel free to do so. We present them as defaults:

Construction: You presentation will be mounted on a 40" x 32" rectangle of foam-core backing (we will provide these). Have your entire poster printed on a plotter. We will provide information on submitting files for printing later this semester.

Absolute Requirements: ELT requires that the following conventions be observed for full credit:

Suggested text format: You will need to provide short, succinct blocks of text. We suggest dividing your text into the following sections (amend this as necessary to fit your particular project):

Drs. Holtz and Merck are at your service if you require further information. Remember, Merck loves to talk about Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. No excuse for poor visuals! Good luck.

Last modified: 8 March 2010