Family History - The Gypsies

Gypsies (the Rom who speak the Romany language [not to be confused with either Romans or Romania]) originated in western India, where their ancestors were living at the beginning of the study period. Gypsy history is pretty enigmatic, owing to sparseness of records, the Gypsy tendency not to keep historical records, and the fact that they tend not to be very confiding to outsiders about themselves. Gypsies tend not to intermarry with outsiders but there have been exceptions, and Gypsies have been known to adopt non-Gypsy children. Your family folklore well tell you if you have Gypsy blood. If your ancestors were Gypsies anywhere in CE 1000, their ancestors lived in western India in CE 500 and CE 1

Sixth Century: Gypsies appear in Persia (Iran).

Tenth Century: Gypsies in Armenia c. 900.

Twelfth Century: Gypsies present in the Balkans.

Fifteenth Century: Gypsies present throughout Europe.

From this point on, look to your family history for illumination.