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Earth, Life, and Time - Citation Requirements

To earn an Earth, Life & Time (ELT) Scholars Citation, you must model good community citizenship and complete 17-23 credits with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in Scholars ELT citation courses (including ENGL 101: see checklist below), and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in all courses at UM at the end of the two-year period of the Scholars program. If you are exempt from ENGL 101, you must complete 14-20 credits. These credits must be satisfied during the two-year period of the Scholars Program (4 semesters). All students are expected to comply with the University Code of Academic Integrity.

Earth, Life, and Time - Course Requirements

Requirement Checklist

Course Credits
_____ CPSP 118G in Semester I 1
_____ CPSP 118G in Semester II 1
_____ CPSP 218G in Semester III 1
_____ CPSP 239G or 249G (the practicum) in Semester IV 1-3
_____ UNIV100 or an equivalent (UNIV 101, ENES 181, JOUR 100, etc.) in Semester I 1-2
_____ ENGL 101 (pref. ENGL 101S in Semster II) 3
_____ List A Class such as GEOL 100/110 (see complete List A below) (pref. in Semester I, but by the end of Semester IV) 3-4
_____ List B Course 1 (see List B following) (by the end of Semester IV) 3-4
_____ List B Course 2 (see List B following) (by the end of Semester IV) 3-4
Total: 17-23

Citation Requirements in Matrix Format:

[Please Note: The Matrix Format gives a model for when to take which courses, but this is only one possible model. The courses in bold italics (CPSP classes and UNIV 100 or equivalent) MUST be taken in the semester indicated; ENGL 101 may be taken in either Semester I or II (although the special ELT section is in Semester II); and List A and B courses must simply be completed by the end of Semester IV.]

Semester I
Course Credits
CPSP 118G Colloquium 1
List A Course
(such as GEOL 100/110)
UNIV100 or equivalent 1-2
Semester II
Course Credits
CPSP 118G Colloquium 1
ENGL 101S Composition
(if not exempt)
List B Course 1
(if not completed earlier)
Semester III
Course Credits
CPSP 218G Colloquium 1
List B Course 2
(if not completed earlier)
Semester IV
Course Credits
CPSP 239G or 249G Practicum 1-3
List B Course (*)
(if not completed in Semester 3)


A schedule of which courses should be taken when during your program is available in pdf format.

Revised, Simplified ELT Course List

In this list, the parentheses after the course number and name lists the number of credits and the CORE distribution requirements (if any) this course also fulfills. These abbreviations are:

PLEASE NOTE: Not all classes are offered every semester. Additionally, some may have prerequisites. Please check the listings in the Schedule of Classes.

List A: Introductory Historical Natural Sciences Class List (IHNSC) (3-4 Credits):


List B: Supporting Courses (Total of 6-8 Credits):

Last modified: 4 June 2008