UNIV 100
Section 1402
The Student in the University
Fall 2008
CCC1115 Thu, 1:00-2:50 SPH 0301

Lecturer: John W. Merck, Jr.
Office: Centreville 1218 , Geology 1119
Office Hours: Thursday, 3:00 - 5:00 PM in Geology 1119
Phone: 301-405-2808
Email: jmerck@umd.edu
Teaching Assistant: Ajia Alfred

Course Web Site: This site can be accessed on the Earth, Life & Time home page.


UNIV100 is a one credit, 10-12 week course with these goals:

Course Materials

Grading: The final grade for this course will be earned on the basis of the following. Details follow.

Accessibility and Accomodations for Students with Disabilities: If you have a documented disability, you should contact Disability Support Services 0126 Shoemaker Hall. Each semester students with documented disabilities should apply to DSS for accommodation request forms which you can provide to your professors as proof of your eligibility for accommodations. The rules for eligibility and the types of accommodations a student may request can be reviewed on the DSS web site at http://www.counseling.umd.edu/DSS/receiving_serv.html.

Religious Observances: The University System of Maryland policy provides that students should not be penalized because of observances of their religious beliefs, students shall be given an opportunity, whenever feasible, to make up within a reasonable time any academic assignment that is missed due to individual participation in religious observances. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the instructor of any intended absences for religious observances in advance. Notice should be provided as soon as possible but no later than the end of the schedule adjustment period (September 15).

Integrity: The University of Maryland has a nationally recognized Code of Academic Integrity, administered by the Student Honor Council. This Code sets standards for academic integrity at Maryland for all undergraduate and graduate students. As a student you are responsible for upholding these standards for this course. It is very important for you to be aware of the consequences of cheating, fabrication, facilitation, and plagiarism. For more information on the Code of Academic Integrity or the Student Honor Council, please visit http://www.studenthonorcouncil.umd.edu/whatis.html.

The University of Maryland is one of a small number of universities with a student-administered Honors Code and an Honors Pledge, available on the web at http://www.jpo.umd.edu/aca/honorpledge.html. The code prohibits students from cheating on exams, plagiarizing papers, submitting the same paper for credit in two courses without authorization, buying papers, submitting fraudulent documents, and forging signatures. The University Senate encourages instructors to ask students to write the following signed statement on each examination or assignment: "I pledge on my honor that I have not given or received any unauthorized assistance on this examination (or assignment)."

Course Evaluations: CourseEvalUM will be open for students to complete their evaluations for Fall 2008 courses between Tuesday, December 2, and Sunday, December 14. Students can go directly to the website to complete their evaluations, beginning December 2. You will be alerted about these dates and provided more information closer to that time, and students will be alerted via their official University e-mail account.

Students who complete evaluations for all of their courses in the previous semester (excluding summer), can access the posted results via Testudo's CourseEvalUM Reporting link for any course on campus that has at least a 70% response rate. You can find more information, including periodic updates, at the IRPA course evaluation website.

The expectation is that all students will complete these. This is YOUR chance to anonymously evaluate this class: please use this opportunity!

Journal Guidelines

Library Safari

Faculty Interview

Statement of Purpose

Campus Events Web-Memoir

In this project, you will sample a few of the many intellectual and cultural experiences that the University of Maryland has to offer. Your task will be to attend or participate in at least one activity from each of the following four areas and provide evidence of your attendance. You'll assemble a page for your personal web site (from the ELT colloquium) using whatever methods/materials you wish to express your experience in these activities. The following information must be included for each event:

At the last class meeting, you'll give a 5-minute presentation to the group sharing your experience. If there is a type of event that is not listed below but which you would like to attend, please get prior approval from me before going.

Note: In addition to the web page, you must submit proof of attendance of some sort. In many cases, a program, ticket stub, or order of worship will be available. If not, be sure to have an organizer sign ELT's generic Activity Verification Form

The events you report on here may not be used for extra credit in the ELT colloquium!

The categories and activities are:

Time capsule: Instead of a final journal entry, we ask you to write a summation of your thoughts about your first semester in the form of a message to future freshmen. This should include: Previous students' time capsules.

I capriciously reserve the right radically to alter this syllabus with minimal notice at my most trivial whim. - JM

Class Schedule for Fall 2006

  • Course introduction.
  • Student introductions - Who are you? What do you want?
  • College is not High School
  • 9-11
  • Essential campus services - Know them. They're your friends.
  • Introducing time management and study skills
  • 9-12 DUE - Journal entry 1. Note: The topic of the first journal will be the time capsules of Fall 2007.
  • Library Safari
  • 9-25
  • Diversity - It's more than a bureaucratic buzzword.
  • 10-2
  • The Social Scene and Responsible Choices I: Substance abuse
  • 10-9
  • The Social Scene and Responsible Choices II: Sexual health
  • 10-16
  • Connecting with University Society - meet the experts
  • 10-17 DUE - Journal entry 2.
  • How not to be a bad guy.
    • The Code of Academic Conduct
    • Preventing/coping with sexual assault
  • 10-23 DUE - Faculty Interivew
  • Mental health - don't just take it for granted.
  • Guidelines for writing your statement of purpose
  • DUE - Faculty interview
  • 11-6
  • Connecting with your career - meet the experts.
  • 11-6 DUE - Statement of Purpose
  • Web-memoir presentations
    DUE - Web memoir.
  • 11-20
  • Why am I still here? - Course wrap-up and critique
    DUE - Time capsule.