UNIV 100
Section 1402
The Student in the University
Fall 2007

The Faculty Interview:
A guide for faculty interviewees

Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome and thanks for your contribution to the mission of UNIV100 section 1402. As part of their introduction to the university, students in this section are required to interview a member of the faculty. The purpose of this is to impress upon incoming students the role of faculty at a research-1 university. Points that we hope they will pick up include:

To assist us, we ask that you discuss your career, research, and teaching forthrightly. Our students should approach you in a professional and thoughtful manner, and their end of the conversation should be intelligent and non-perfunctory. To assist us in recording their work, we ask you to take a moment to complete the short verification form that the student should have printed and brought with them.

Many thanks!


John W. Merck, Jr., Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Geology
Associate Director, College Park Scholars - Earth, Life, and Time
University of Maryland, College Park