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About Earth, Life, and Time

Exploring the Earth, Evolution, and Humanity

Where did we come from?
Will there still be enough gasoline when I'm 50?
What happened to the dinosaurs?
Why do bacteria become resistant to antibiotics?
Do aliens visit the Earth?
How much will the climate change in my lifetime?

How can we answer these questions?

How does the perspective of Time tell us more about Earth and the Life on it?

Earth, Life & Time (ELT) is the College Park Scholars that addresses Natural History - the scientific understanding and appreciation of the natural world, and how that understanding aids us as individuals and as a society. The study of Natural History encompasses our most profound questions about ourselves and our world. Too often, however, our education neglects to teach us how to look at the living and non-living world as an integrated whole. ELT seeks to introduce students to the skills and knowledge used to unlock the secrets of Nature.

The ELT curriculum focuses on:

As with other College Park Scholars programs, Earth, Life & Time is a Living-Learning Community: students share many of the same classes and for the most part share common housing. The students of ELT explore the questions of Nature and Science through:

ELT is a participating program in the Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science (COPUS) and its Year of Science 2009 program.

Please explore this website to learn more about the program, or contact the ELT faculty for more information.


The ELT faculty offices are in 1216 and 1218 Centreville Hall. The ELT computer lab is in 1217 Centreville Hall, as is the ELT Museum, our collection of natural history teaching specimens. Colloquium meetings are in the Cambridge Community Center.

Last modified: 8 July 2009