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UNIV 100
The Student in the University
Fall 2002

Section Day/Time Location Instructors
1401 Mon 1-3 CCC 1115 Cynthia Shaw & Kevin Regan
1402 Thu 2-4 CCC 1115 Cynthia Shaw & Nikkia Hansberry

Instructors Information
Cynthia Shaw
Assistant Director
Earth, Life & Time
1208 Centreville Hall

Kevin Regan
Senior, Architecture

Nikkia Hansberry
Senior, Journalism

Course Web Site
This site will be used to post course materials, announcements, and other useful resources. The site can also be accessed by linking through the College Park Scholars homepage.

UNIV 100 is a one credit, 10-12 week course designed to accomplish several objectives:

Course Materials

The final grade for this course will be earned on the basis of the following:

Because this is a discussion-based course, your attendance and participation in class is essential. Attendance will be recorded at every session. If a situation arises that requires your absence please notify the instructors by email before class. Emergency cases should be handled within 48 hours. Each unexcused absence will drop your final grade by a letter.

You are required to submit a bi-weekly journal entry, due by midnight the day after class. This will be done by email and you will send copies to the instructor and the TA. The specific format will be discussed in another section of the syllabus.

Campus Scrapbook:
You are required to construct a scrapbook of events on campus and make a presentation to the class. This will be explained later in the syllabus.

Faculty Interview:
You are required to select a faculty member from one of your classes other than ELT or UNIV100 and make an appointment to meet with him/her during office hours. Please choose faculty, not TA’s. This will be detailed later in the syllabus.

Grading Breakdown:
Attendance: 150 points
Journal: 75 points
Campus Scrapbook: 50 points
Faculty project: 25 points

276-300: A
251-275: B
226-250: C
201-225: D
200 & <: F

If you have a documented disability and require special accommodations, please see one of the instructors.

All students are expected to adhere to the Code of Academic Integrity. All violations of the Code will be referred to the Student Honor Council.

Journal Guidelines

The journal is a place for you to reflect on the things/people/places during this time of major change. For instance, your adjustment to college life, the new people you’re meeting, the people you’re leaving behind, and the world of traffic, chaos, and confusion you’ve entered. Use the journal as a means to communicate with us about the many issues you’re confronting, something we discussed in class, or you would like to see covered in class.
Anything you submit as a journal entry is considered confidential and will only be read by the instructor or TA.

Although you are welcome to correspond with us as often as you like, you must submit two journal entries per month. They are due via email by midnight the day after class. The instructor and the TA will split the class and respond to half the class one week, and the other half of the class the next week. You should always send the journal entry to both of us each time, however. Although it may not be possible, we will make every attempt to get them back to you before the next class. The journal format may be a continuous dialog, or it may be a separate discussion each time, this is up to you. We may also give you a particular topic/assignment with which to reflect in your journals from time to time, but this need not supplant any other thoughts you may wish to share.

Journal entries should be a free-flowing reflection of your thoughts. Our plan is not to assign points to such a qualitative assignment, however we know the difference between a thoughtful entry and a hastily submitted paragraph of the things you did since the previous entry. We will let you know if you are not completing this exercise satisfactorily. In addition, your last journal will be longer than the others because we will ask you to reflect upon the semester as a whole.

Faculty Interview

Set up an appointment with a faculty member and visit them during their office hours to discuss anything you wish. However, please include some or all of the following:

The visit should be at least 20 minutes and you may inform the professor that this is an assignment. You will describe/discuss this meeting in a journal entry in October.

Campus Scrapbook

This project will allow you to sample a handful of the many experiences that Maryland has to offer. Your task will be to attend or participate in at least one activity from each of the following four areas and provide some evidence. You’ll need to put together a scrapbook using whatever methods/materials you wish to express your experience in these activities. The following information must be included for each event: the date, location, and a short paragraph of reflection. At the last class meeting, you’ll give a 5-minute presentation to the group sharing your experience. Be prepared to leave your scrapbook with the instructor. If there is an event that is not listed above but which you would like to attend, please get prior approval from the instructors before going.

The categories and activities are:

  1. Recreation/Entertainment

  2. Educational/Personal

  3. Leadership

  4. Citizenship

About this Syllabus
We reserve the right to alter this outline with minimal notice based on our assessment of the course and the needs of the class.

Class Schedule

  • September 5 & 9
    Who am I and Why am I here
    Thursday section’s journal due 9/6 by midnight
    Monday section’s journal due 9/10 by midnight

  • September 12 & 16
    time management
    Learning Styles
    Faculty Expectations

  • September 19 & 23
    The Social Scene and Responsible Choices
    Thursday section’s journal due 9/20 by midnight
    Monday section’s journal due 9/24 by midnight

  • September 26& 30
    Career Exploration
    Scrapbook topic: 1st Look Fair (Sept. 25-26)
    Scrapbook topic: Career Fair (Oct. 1-2)

  • October 3 & 7
    Open discussion
    Monday section does Library Safari

  • October 10 & 14
    Open discussion
    Thursday section does Library Safari
    Thu section’s journal due10/11 by midnight
    Mon section’s journal due 10/15 by midnight

  • October 17 & 21
    Pre-registration and CORE
    Citation requirements
    Career Exploration (visitor)

  • October 24 & 28
    Save Your Semester!
    Time Management Revisited
    Thu section’s journal due10/25 by midnight
    Mon section’s journal due 10/29 by midnight
    Faculty Interviews due in your journal

  • Oct. 31 & Nov. 4

  • November 7 & 11
    Scrapbook Presentations
    Campus Resources

  • November 14 & 18
    Why am I still here
    Course Wrap Up
    Final Journal due 11/15 and 11/19 by midnight

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