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Being a Practicum Sponsor

If you are visiting this web page, it is probably because a student in the Earth Life and Time program of College Park Scholars has approached you about supervising them in their Spring practicum. Here is some information on what, exactly, supervising an Earth, Life, and Time practicum project entails.

Types of projects:

In either case, students must establish a relationship with an individual supervisor who will supervise and evaluate their work.

Time commitments:

Students may register for one, two, or three credit hours of the practicum. For the internship or service project, one credit hour should entail at least twenty five hours of work on site, two credits should entail at least fifty hours, and three credits should entail at least seventy five. Time actually spent on the Discovery project will vary with the nature of the research.

Student Responsibilities:

Supervisor Responsibilities:

Practicum supervisors must commit themselves to performing the following duties:

Questions? Contact Faculty Directors:

Current Deadlines:

Earth, Life, and Time students are required to submit a formal practicum proposal, including signed learning contracts, by December 10, 2001, in order not to be penalized. If you are interested in supervising an Earth, life, and Time student, but feel that you will not be able to help them complete their proposal and learning contract by this date, please contact the faculty directors. We can work something out.

Thanks. We look forward to working with you.

Last update, 11/8/01.