Project Site Name Description
Service Alley Pond Environmental Center Youth education
Service Anacostia Watershed Society Hortculture
Internship Archeology admin/logistical support
Internship Archeology examine & process incoming artifacts
Internship Archeology in Annapolis Archeology
Internship Astronomy Dept.Develop/maintain web applications for categorizing asteroids
Service Audubon Society research/presentation/lobbying on environmental issues
Internship Baltimore Zoo Care & feeding of animals
Service Belle Grove Elementary Science Education
Internship Biology Department Gel Electrophoresis
Internship Brookside Gardens Hortculture
Service Chesapeake Wildlife Sanctuary Animal Care
Service Children's Development Clinic Science mentorship
Service Compassion Center assist in the design and building of a greenhouse
Internship Conservation Fund Research asst.
Discovery CPS New methods of Styrofoam waste management
Discovery CPS Alternative Fuel Sources
Discovery CPS Cloning & Society
Discovery CPSP 259G (0401) Science in ancient cultures
Discovery CPSP 259G (0401) How suids and hippopotami are related
Discovery CPSP 259G (0401) Has Biosphere II been successful?
Discovery CPSP 259G (0401) a case study of geothermal resources and/or energy
Internship Cyto Pulse Sciences, IncLearning about high voltage pulse generator in biomed applications
Internship Dept of biological Anthropology assist in Bio/Anth research
Internship Dept of Cell bilogy & Molecular genetics Assisting/learning wet lab techniques for biology
Service Dept of Geology Prep, examine, and analysis of fossil(s)
Internship E-Z-EM, Inc Authoring & executing protocols for microbiology equip
Internship Geology Dept Fossil database
Service Geology Dept Fossil Website
Service Grambill State Park Maintain Park
Service Hammond High School Teaching Assistant in Earth Science & Biology
Service Hartwood Elementary Science Education
Internship Hunterdon Medical Center Postmortum/wetlab techniques
Internship Institute for physical Science & Technology analyzing & coding images of quantum control exp.
Internship Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary identifying, surveying, and mapping vernal pools & amphibiam eggs
Service Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary maintenance and construction projects
Service Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary updating and creating links to webpage
Internship Mallinckrodt Baker Inc Waste treatment asst.
Internship Marine Biomedicine & Environmental Sciences PH-dependent toxicity research
Service NAS Audobon Society clean up
Internship NASA GSFC analyzing and publishing web data
Internship NASA Wallops Flight FacilityDevelop/maintain web applications for NASA teaching site
Service Nature Conservancy Hortculture
Internship NMNH Fossil prep-animals
Discovery NMNH Computer simulations of planetoids
Internship NMNH-Smithsonian Classification, preparation/photograph fossil leaves
Internship NMNH-Smithsonian develop 3-D virtual model of a theropod forelimb
Internship NYJr High Science Education
Internship Obesity & Diabetes Research Ctr. Animal Research on diabetes
Service Office of Naval Intelligence Science Education
Service Paint Branch Elementary school mentoring & tutoring students in science
Internship PhysicsDept. Research asst.
Internship Prudential Securities Analysis of energy stocks
Internship Space Systems Lab Research asst.
Internship Steny Hoyer's Office Asst. on science education issues
Service Tackapausha Museum & Preserve Museum Asst.
Internship Tenax Corp research on legal & environmental issues
Internship Tetra Tech Inc Environmental testing
Service Tree-Mendous Maryland Planting trees to create an outdoor ecology lab
Discovery UM Training Reactor & Radiation Facilities research the use of graphite calorimeters
Service Zoo Animal Keeper