The Earth Life and Time
Practicum Project

(CPSP239G, CPSP249G, and CPSP259)
Spring 2003

Dr. Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.Dr. John W. Merck, Jr.

Requirements: In order successfully to complete the ELT practicum, you must satisfy three requirements:

  1. Complete your project:
  2. Present your project to the public:
    Poster presentations of Service Learning and Internship Project results will be given in the College Park Scholars Academic Showcase on Thursday and Friday, May 1 and 2. If your service project or internship involves academic or scientific research, you may, instead, opt to present at the University Undergraduate Research Day, April 23. (Contact us by 2/28 if you wish to do this and visit the Undergraduate Research Day web site.) In either event, your presentation will be in a public forum that will be attended by current and future instructors, advisors, and, possibly, employers. Your presentation is an excellent opportunity to bring yourself to their (positive) attention.

  3. Submit digital files of your posters to the instructors:
    You will probably choose to keep the actual posters. If you want to unload them, however, we would also like to have them.

Grades: Your default grade for this course is an A. That's what you get if you complete the above requirements in a serious, competent manner. We're setting forth clear standards for you to follow, so there should be little ambiguity about whether you're doing what you are supposed to. (If you're in doubt, just ask.) We'll reduce your grade if we feel you are falling short of the our standards. We have put no percentages on the three components because this is an all or nothing course. If you don't complete all three aspects competently, you fail.

Schedule: Plan to assemble for these additional meetings during the semester.

Guidelines for Project Presentations:

One big benefit we hope to derive from this exercise is that we will all look good. In order to facilitate this we are suggesting the following presentation guidelines. There are certain things we absolutely require, however depending on the nature of your project, you may want to modify other aspects slightly. Feel free to do so. We present them as defaults:

Construction: You presentation will be mounted on a 40" x 32" rectangle of foam-core backing. Have your entire poster printed on a plotter. (This will cost roughly $32.00. That's a lot cheaper than a traditional cut and paste board of similar quality.)

Absolute Requirements: ELT requires that the following conventions be observed for full credit.

Suggested text format: You will need to provide short, succinct blocks of text. We suggest dividing your text into the following sections (Amend this as necessary to fit your particular project.)

  1. If your project is non-research oriented:

  2. If your project is research oriented:

In any event:

Drs. Holtz and Merck are at your service if you require further information. Remember, Merck loves to talk about Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. No excuse for poor visuals! Good luck.