Day 2a: Isabela
Day 3a: Santiago
Day 3b: Rábida
Day 4: Floreana and the Santa Cruz highlands
Day 6a: San Cristóbal.
Day 6b: Española and a surprise.
Day 7a: The Darwin Research Station and Puerto Ayora.
Day 7b: Cerro Dragón.
Day 8: Quito.

Introduction: After returning from the Galápagos in 2000, I spent a good bit of time writing the beginnings of a travel narrative. I say "beginnings" because after two years, the narrative remains incomplete. In 2002, it was determined that this task should be shouldered by our students in order both to distribute the work so that it might actually get done, and to focus all of our minds on what the important events and impressions of the day were while we were there. Because it was an academic exercise, because we plan to repeat this trip in coming years, and because we urge other academic institutions to follow our example, we now present our communal travelogue.

If you are a student thinking of joining us next time (2004 tentatively) or a parent wondering if this venture is academically worthwhile, these accounts should give you a good idea of what the experience is like.

John Merck