Laura Allred: Marine vertebrates
Lindsey Anderson: Terrestrial invertebrates
Colm Atkins: Land birds
Terrence Bayly: sea birds
Kim Daut: Volcanic landforms
Angela Gruenfelder: Marine invertebrates
Eugenia Leone: Shoreline geology
Rhyan Maditz: Conservation
Jeremy Mirmelstein: highlands flora.
Annette Mitchell: Coastal zone vegetation.
Jayni Shah: Arid zone vegetation.
Andrew Shansby: Reptiles.
Linda Xu: History and culture.

Introduction: After after our first Galápagos tour in in 2000, I spent a good bit of time writing the beginnings of a travel narrative. I say "beginnings" because after two years, the narrative remains incomplete. In 2002, this task was handed to our students, who each described a day or interval of our travels as well as writing a research paper. This year, we have essentially combined these two activities by asking that each student focus on some intellectual component of the Galápagos and write about it in a travelogue style. Here are their contributions.

If you are a student thinking of joining us next time (2006 tentatively) or a parent wondering if this venture is academically worthwhile, these accounts should give you a good idea of what the experience is like.

John Merck