Thomas R. Holtz, Jr.

Todd Metcalfe doing one of his favorite things: watching a member of the Sulidae (in this case, a Red-footed Booby at Darwin Bay, Genovesa).

Galápagos fauna are famous for their fearlessness. Here a Masked Booby stands in the path of the participants of UMCP Galápagos 2000 at Prince Phillips Steps, Genovesa.

At the dock of Bartholomé Dr. Merck takes a photo. The sea lion waits patiently to reclaim its basking spot.

Chris Ader lifts a a large rock single handed (notice the shadow). Does he gain his superstrength due to the effects of Earth's yellow sun? Perhaps; but the rock in question is pumice, and thus extremely light.

On the summit of Bartholomé most of the participants of UMCP Galápagos 2000 pose with Pinnacle Rock in the background. From left to right: Brian, Todd, Jeremy, Shaun, Chris, Fern, Ben, Ken, Nancy, Dr. Merck, Betty, Natalia, and Alexa. Dr. Holtz kneels in front. Not seen in this photo: Stacey, Nicolás, and John.

At Pinnacle Rock the whole cast of character assembles. In the back row, from left to right: the Purser of the Corinthian, John, Nicolas, a Corinthian crew member, Alexa, Ben, Ken, Todd, Brian, Chris, Fern, Natalia, Shaun, Nancy, Betty, and William. In front, from left to right: Jeremy, Stacey, Lenin, Dr. Holtz, Dr. Merck.

A marine iguana basking on the lava flows of Puerta Egas, Santiago.

Alexa and Stacey pose in front of our bus in the highlands of Santa Cruz.

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