Student Research

Several weeks before the excursion, each student was assigned a topic dealing with some aspect of Galápagos Geology, Biology, Physical Geography, or human history. After performing preliminary research on campus, students were responsible for investigating their topic in depth during the trip.

Natalia, Ken, Alexa, Chris, and Ben explore a spatter cone on Bartholomé.

After returning to Maryland, our class meetings have been concerned not so much with the actual research topics as with instruction in the technologies that allowed students to present their observations. In fact, prior to their participation in this class, many of the students had no experience with the image-processing and internet software with which they have prepared their contributions.

The links on the left will take you to reviews of their research topics that combine both library research and the experiences afforded by personal observation. These web pages represent both the insights into natural history and the new technical skills that they have gained since the Spring semester ended. Enjoy.

John Fitz examines the test of a sea urchin at Punta Cormorán, Floreana.