Semester Project - Beyond the Basics

Format: The semester project is a research paper and oral presentation describing cutting-edge research into the planetary bodies.

Rationale: Every semester, I present a frustrating tease - a general orientation to the planets followed by surveys of major topics in geosciences as applied to them. We never have time, in lecture, to pull it all back together with a review of planetary science that takes advantage of all that you have learned. In fact, that task falls to you.

Deliverables: Every group (sigh) will:

The topic of the review will be Research frontiers and outstanding questions on fill in the planetary body .

Group project: (Sigh) Yes, everyone dislikes these, but the projects are, nevertheless, to be developed by pairs of students. This is necessary because:

You will be assigned a planetary body (or group of them) today in lecture. Your task is to review ongoing research into them that goes beyond the information presented in lecture. You are free to interpret that guideline broadly, but topics that you might want to address include:

Bibliographies: Everything about this project requires proper citations. My expectation is that your bibliography:

To develop your bibliography, you might want to consult:

If you have any problem accessing your project, let me know as soon as possible. Remember, the talk plus the paper account for 15% of your final grade! The default grade for a good, workmanlike job is an A. (Just sayin'.). ;-)