GEOL 342 - Field trip paper/presentation team project:

The Plan: On Saturday, 11/4, teams of students will be assigned to four different road-cut outcrops on Corridor H between Wardensville and Moorefield WV. Each team will spend several hours at the outcrop, studying it and collecting data. By the end of the afternoon, each team should have collected sufficient data to:

Deliverables: Each team is to collaborate o the development of the following:

These presentations are to provide:

Assessing rock unit identity:

Without giving away the store, on-line resources include: Do not merely trust these or any bibliographic reference:

A preliminary list of major rock units that we might have encountered includes (oldest to youngest):

With your permission, I would like a copy of all Power Point presentations in pdf format to post on the course website. The aim is for GEOL342 students to develop, over the coming years, a full-blown reference to the outcrops of Corridor - H.

This ought to be fun.