About Animals:

Welcome to my "Animals" index. The links are arranged more or less phylogenetically. Follow the following links to separate pages for each species. NOTE, some pages have more than one image, so scroll down!

Finding slides: Currently all slides of animals are housed in three notebooks in my UMD office. These are organized taxonomically. Books are broken down into:

  • All animals not members of Reptilia.

  • Turtles, squametes, and crocodylians.

  • Birds.

Some images are housed on Kodak photo CDs located in print photo albumns of UMD travel study tours. These are typically underwater photos. More recent ones are digital.

Digital images: Full-sized images captured digitally since January 2008 are archived on my work computer and my home computer. I plan to burn CDs of these real soon. Note: This site is organized taxonomically, but is not meant to be a statement of phylogeny. Nevertheless, all groups indicated are believed to be monophyletic. I generally follow the current taxonomy of the Tree of Life site. Enjoy!

Last modified 11/30/08