About Landscapes:

Welcome to my "Landscapes" index. Some of these scenes are large and some are very small. Basically, any photo in which the primary interest is the landscape or Geology has ended up here, even those focusing on small subjects or which are dominated by vegetation. I plan to develop a separate section for geological specimens, however - things that have been moved by people Otherwise, it's in here. Follow the following links to separate pages for each scene. NOTE, some pages have more than one image, so scroll down!

Finding slides: Currently all slides of people are housed in two notebooks in my UMD office. These are organized roughly geographically. Exceptions are slides of special University of Maryland events. Travel studies typically each have their own notebooks in my UMD office.

Digital images: Full-sized images captured digitally since January 2008 are archived on my work computer and my home computer. I plan to burn CDs of these real soon. Enjoy!

Last modified 2/7/09