Plants and vegetation



Vascular plants

About Plants:

Welcome to my "Plants by taxon" index. These are listed taxonomically, to the tiny extent that I understand plant taxonomy. Within Eudicotyledonae, the taxonomy is phylogenetic and consistent with what's currently on the Tree of Life project web site. NOTE, some pages have more than one image, so scroll down!

Finding slides: Currently all slides of plants are housed in one bulging notebook in my home office. To the extent that it is organized, it's taxonomic. Note, there are tons of dicot images that I can't identify at all, and these are not arranged in any intelligent way. I have much work left organizing and scanning plant slides. Exceptions are slides of special University of Maryland events. Travel studies typically each have their own notebooks in my UMD office.

Digital images: Full-sized images captured digitally since January 2008 are archived on my work computer and my home computer. I plan to burn CDs of these real soon. Enjoy!

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