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The University of Maryland Department of Geology
Fall Seminar Series
Fridays: 11a.m. - noon (room number)
September 2nd
Bruce Chappell, Australian National University
"Are granites an image of their source region?: the current status of I-type and S-type granite subdivisions"

September 5th
Teri Quinn, National Institute of Standards
"S isotopes in ice cores"

September 12th
Nick Christie-Blick, Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory
"Great Proterozoic drawdowns! Origin of km-deep buried canyons
in South Australia"

September 26th
Jim Zimbelman, Smithsonian Institution
"A return to the red planet"

October 3rd
Brooks Hanson
"something new"

October 10th

October 17th
graduate student talks
"GSA presentations"

November 7th
Douglas Erwin, Smithsonian Institution
"The Great Paleozoic Crisis"

November 14th

November 21st
Debra Knopman
"Environmental policy"