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1) Graduate Students


a.  Sara Peek (M.S., candidate) 

b.  Palma Botterell (Ph.D., not yet advanced to candidacy) 

c.  Huan Cui (Ph.D., not yet advanced to candidacy) 

d.  Yadviga Zhelezinskaya (M.S., not yet advanced to candidacy) 


e.  Kristen Miller (Ph.D., 2012) “An integrated isotopic and biomarker analysis of the glaciogenic Vazante Group, Brazil

        currently a post-doctoral fellow at the Massachusetts Institute for Technology, Cambridge, MA

f.  Kateryna Klochko (Ph.D., 2009) “An empirical re-evaluation of the boron isotope/pH proxy in marine carbonates”

        currently a post-doctoral fellow at the Carnegie Institute for Science, Washington, D.C.

g.  Christine (Missell) France (Ph.D., 2008) “Isotopic investigations of metabolism in ancient animals”

        currently a laboratory manager at the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute at Suitland, MD

h.  Nicholas Geboy (M.S., 2006) “Rhenium-Osmium age determinations of glaciogenic shales from the Mesoproterozoic Vazante Formation, Brazil

        currently a chemist at the United States Geological Survey, Reston, VA

i.  Kristina Bartlett Brody (M.S., 2007) “Biomarkers in Neoproterozoic shale from Brazil

        currently the Assistant Managing Editor of Science News, Washington, D.C.

j.  Craig Hebert (M.S., 2003) “Stratigraphic and geochemical investigations of Neoproterozoic glaciation in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia”

        currently an Environmental Scientist at Plexus Scientific 

k.  Michael Varni (M.S., 2002) “The sulfur isotopic composition of structurally-bound sulfate in Neoproterozoic carbonates: Implications for sources of alkalinity”

l.  Allegra (Small) Jabo (M.S., 2001) “The fractionation of carbon and nitrogen isotopes in scleractinian corals”

        currently working at The Science Seed

2)  Undergraduate senior thesis students and laboratory assistants

3)  Commitee Member

a. Brian Harms (Ph.D., candidate)

b. Nanping Wu (Ph.D., candidate)

c. Harry Oduro (Ph.D., 2011)

d. Nick Gava (M.S., did not complete)

e. Katherine Burgy (M.S., 2009)

f.  David Johnston (Ph.D., 2008)

g.  Margaret Baker (M.S., 2006)

h.  Jennifer Teerlink (M.S., 2005)

i. John Jamieson (M.S., 2005)

j.  Mark Tyra (M.S., 2005)

k. Jacqueline Mann (Ph.D., 2005)

l. Kate Folk (Ph.D., 2003)

m. Daniel Earnest (M.S., 2002)

n. Jonathan Angier (Ph.D., 2001)

o. Donna Gunderson (M.S., 1999)

p.  Jacqueline Mann (M.S., 1998)

q. Barrett Smith (M.S., 1998)

r. Charles Stoner (M.S., 1997)

Professor Alan Jay Kaufman 
Department of Geology, University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742-4211
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