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Record of undergraduate students who have worked in the
laboratories of A.J. Kaufman since 1997

(additional information relates to 393/394 projects directed by AJK, awards students have received supported by AJK letters of recommendation, and/or current placement of undergraduate students in graduate programs supported by AJK letters)

Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster undergraduate laboratory assistant

David Diekrup (2008)

advised by AJK while on sabbatical in Germany on the extraction of sulfides from the Timeball Hill shale for multiple sulfur isotope measurements. Senior thesis title: Organic Sulfur in the Glaciogenic Timeball Hill Formation. David is currently a graduate student at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster.

Charles Herbert Flowers High School internship

Natalie Sievers (2007-2008)

Research completed during internship resulted in second place at her high school science fair with a project titled The Distinctive Isotope Ratios of Carbon and Oxygen in a Post Glacial Carbonate from Brazil. Natalie subsequently entered University of Maryland and continues as an undergraduate laboratory assistant (2008-present). The American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund recently funded Natalie for a summer internship through their SUMR program for minority students.

Eleanor Roosevelt High School internship

Aarisha Shrestha (2005-2006)

Research completed during internship resulted in first place in the Prince Georges County Science Fair, which allowed Aarisha to compete in the Intel International Science Fair in Indianapolis, Indiana. Science Fair poster and internship project titled Environmental Setting for Earth’s Earliest Eukaryotes. Aarisha subsequently entered University of Maryland and continued as an undergraduate laboratory assistant (2006-2007).

University of Chicago undergraduate summer laboratory assistant

Emily King (laboratory assistant in 2006)

Emily is currently a graduate student at the University of Chicago.

William and Mary undergraduate summer laboratory assistant

Peter Berquist (laboratory assistant in 2000) 

University of Maryland undergraduate laboratory assistants and senior thesis projects

Benn Breeden (2009-present)

Jessica Little (2009-present)

(GEOL 393/394: Biomarker Analysis of Carbon Rich Shales in the Bambuí Group)

Susan Drymala (2008-2009)

(GEOL 393/394: Floral Indicators of Late PETM Climate Change in Bighorn Basin, Wyoming)

Eugenia Leone-Gold (2008-2009)

after graduation Eugenia became a FRA for the Kaufman laboratory; she is currently a graduate student at the University of Iowa.

Mark Walsh (2008-2009)

Kimberly Schumann (2004-2006)

(GEOL 393/394: A Chemostratigraphic Study of Ordovician Carbonates in Central Virginia)

David Weinstein (2006)

(GEOL 393/394: Taphonomy of the Late Pleistocene Key Largo Limestone: A Comparison of Modern and Ancient Coral Reef Ecosystems). This senior thesis was chosen for the 2006 J.R. Dorfman Prize in Undergraduate Research in the College of Computer, Math and Physical Sciences; FRA with James Farquhar in the gas source mass spectrometry facility at UMCP; currently a graduate student at University of Miami.

Josh Long (2005)

(GEOL 499: Drill Core Log Correlation and Stratigraphy of Lower Mississippian Strata Exposed at Sideling Hill, Washington County, Maryland); assisted in GEOL 342 Sedimentation and Stratigraphy – spring 2005; graduate studies at Northern Arizona University.

Jonathan James (laboratory assistant in 2005)

Brendan Williams (laboratory assistant from 2004-2006)

(GEOL 393/394: A Sulfur Isotopic Study of Neoproterozoic Evaporites in the Shale Supergroup, Victoria Island, Northwest Territories, Canada); past technician in the UMCP gas source mass spectrometry facility.

Paula Zelanko (laboratory assistant from 2004-2005)

(GEOL 393/394: Isotopic Analysis of Pleistocene Mammals in the American Southeast); presently a graduate student at Lehigh University.

Jennifer Harvey

(GEOL 393/394: Observations and implications of the Neoproterozoic Fauquier Formation)

Jason Cassara (laboratory assistant from 2002-2004)

J. R. Dorfman Undergraduate Research Award; presently a graduate student in Geology at the University of Iowa

Michael Waller (laboratory assistant in 2003)

Ruth Thompson (laboratory assistant from 2002-2003)

(GEOL 393/394: Sedimentologic, sequence stratigraphic and stable isotopic study of the Late Cambrian Conococheague Formation, Strauburg, VA); 2007 M.S. thesis at the University of Maryland: Isotopic systematics of ultramafic and mafic rocks of the Taitao ophiolite, southern Chile

Taylor Mauck (laboratory assistant from 2001-2003); currently a graduate student at Tufts University.

Jeff Harp (laboratory assistant in 2001)

Kathleen Wright (laboratory assistant in 2001)

Kelly Krelove (laboratory assistant from 2001-2002)

Craig Hebert (laboratory assistant from 2000-2001)

(GEOL 393/394: Origin of a Neoproterozoic carbonate sequence in the Marshall Quadrangle of Virginia); 2003 M.S. thesis at the University of Maryland: Stratigraphic and Geochemical Investigations of Neoproterozoic Glaciation in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia; currently the technician in the UMCP gas source mass spectrometry facility.

Christine Missell (laboratory assistant from 1999-2001)

(GEOL 393/394: An oxygen isotope comparison of Hadrosaurid metabolism); Goldwater Fellowship; 2001 UMCP Honors Research Grant; currently a Ph.D. candidate at UMCP after completing a M.S. degree at NCSU; 2004 GSA Student Research Grant; Ph.D. 2008 from the University of Maryland; technician in the UMCP gas source mass spectrometry facility; currently a Physical Scientist in the IRMS laboratory at the Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute.

Laura Baker (laboratory assistant from 1998-2000)

Ph.D. from California Institute of Technology; now a post-doctoral fellow with Assoc. Prof. Laurant Montessi at the University of Maryland.

Anastasia Poulos (laboratory assistant from 1998-2001)

UM Senior Summer Scholars award; NASA Biosphere 2 Research Internship; Combined Caesarea Expedition; Smithsonian NMNH Research Training Program stipend; Senior Marshall; Charles K. Williams II Fellowship for Graduate Study; Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania

Talia Walter (laboratory assistant from 1998-1999)

Abraham Silverman

(GEOL 393/394 with Karen Prestegaard: An isotopic and geochemical study of sources, transport, and fate of nutrients associated with Pfiesteria on Maryland’s eastern shore)

Anthony Koval (laboratory assistant from1997-1998)

(GEOL 393/394: The potential relationship of high biological productivity to the onset of the Neoproterozoic ice ages)

William Richardson (laboratory assistant from 1997-1998)

(GEOL 393/394: Recession of Neoproterozoic ice ages)

Blessing Asuquo (laboratory assistant from 1997-1998)


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