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Curriculum Vitae


1)      Full version

2)      Abbreviated version




1)      Current courses (fall 2009)

a.       GEOL 436: Principles of Biogeochemistry

b.      GEOL 444: Low Temperature Geochemistry

c.       GEOL 789B: Recent Advances in Geology: Biogeochemistry

2)      Past courses


Field trip photos


3)      Marquee course: Biogenesis: How to Build a Habitable Planet


4)      Software


John Wiley & Sons CD Rom for Introductory Geology (Geodiscoveries)




1)      Geological Society of Washington

a.       President (2010)

b.      1st Vice-President (2009)

c.       Program Chairman (2006)

d.      Council Member (1999, 2000, 2006, 2007)


2)      NSF Sedimentary Geology and Paleontology panel (2005 Ė 2007, 2009)

3)      University of Maryland

a.       Interdisciplinary Studies

b.      Deanís Representative


4)      Department of Geology

a.       Geogram


Field Work


2009: Vazante Group, Brazil; Olenek Uplift, arctic Siberia, Russia

2008: Doushantuo Formation, Yangtze Gorges, Peopleís Republic of China




[Where possible these names should be linked to the studentís personal webpage.Images will be supplied for each of these if they are available, as well as text if pertinent.]


1)      Graduate students

a.       Sara Peek

b.      Milene Figueiredo

c.       Kristen Miller

d.      Kateryna Klochko

e.       Christine (Missell) France

f.       Nicholas Geboy

g.      Kristina Bartlett Brody

h.      Michael Varni

i.        Craig Hebert

j.        Allegra (Small) Jabo


2)      Undergraduate senior thesis students and laboratory assistants

a.       Benn Breeden

b.      Jessica Little*

c.       Mark Walsh

d.      David Diekrup*

e.       Natalie Sievers

f.       Aarisha Shrestha


3)      High School interns

a.       Natalie Sievers

b.      Aarisha Shrestha


4)      Committee Member

a.       Katherine Burgy (M.S., 2009)

b.      David Johnston (Ph.D., 2008)




1)      Wet chemistry (0224 Chemistry Building)

2)      GSMS (0229 Chemistry Building)

3)      Paleoclimate Laboratory (under construction)






1)      Scientific papers and op-ed articles

2)      Science journalism

3)      Books