About Me

I am currently a 3rd-year PhD student working with Dr. Sarah Penniston-Dorland. My research focuses on answering tectonic problems using a combination of field work, petrology, and geochemistry. Currently, I am interested in reconstructing the tectonic history of the Catalina Schist, a high-T/moderate-P exhumed terrain exposed on Santa Catalina Island, California.


I received a Bachelors of Arts in Geology from Albion College in 2015. While at Albion, I used thermodynamic modeling to learn about the evolution of ultra-high pressure terrains.

Research Interest

Trace Element Thermometry

Zirconium-in-Rutile, Zirconium-in-Titanite


Quartz-in-Garnet barometry


U/Pb chronology of rutile and titanite

Sm/Nd chronology of garnet

Field Work

Field mapping and sample collection of exhumed terranes


2015-2020 (expected)

University of Maryland | PhD in Geology

Thesis: A tale of two melanges: a comparison of tectonic mixing and differential movement between the Catalina Schist and Rio San Juan Complex



Albion College | BA in Geology

Cum Laude with Honors, Sigma Xi

Thesis: Pressure-temperature-time constraints for UHP Tso Morari Eclogite, NW India

Kayleigh M. Harvey PhD Candidate | Metamorphic Petrology University of Maryland When I take a break from all things Geology...
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