Kayleigh M. Harvey My (amateur) Photography

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Other Photos
Field work
Photography is one of my many hobbies, and I love to share my photos with the world! In addition to always having my camera in the field, I generally always have it during my every-day life (you never know when life presents you with an opportunity to express your creativity!) The field photos in my "Geology-Related Photos" album are from my January 2016 trip to Santa Catalina Island, California to do field work for my PhD thesis. This trip focused on mapping the occurrence of exotic blocks, so they dominate the gallery; however, the island has many other stunning outcroups of the Catalina Schist (and the San Onofre Breccia if you prefer igneous rocks). Aside from my Field Photos, my favorite subject to photograph is my German Shorthaired Pointer, Roxy -which you will notice dominates many of the images in my "Other Photos" album. What can I say -she's adorable. Although many of these images are meant to be mementos of my adventures, more recently I've been working on building a portfolio of creative shots. If you're the kind of person who wonders what I shoot with, I'm currently using a Canon Rebel SL1 body with a kit lens (Graduate Student budget, what more can I say). It isn't the fanciest DSLR in the world, but it one of the smallest (which is important when you're packing it in a 24L daypack). The older photos (pre-2015) are all shot with either my older Canon Rebel, or my cell phone.