Roberta L. Rudnick 


PhD 1988 The Research School of Earth Sciences, Aust. Nat. Univ., Australia

M.S. 1983 Sul Ross State University , Alpine, TX, U.S.A. (Geology)

B.S. 1980 Portland State University , Portland , OR , U.S.A. (Earth Sciences)


Professional Employment

2000-present Professor, University of Maryland

4/2000 Professor, Harvard University

1997-2000 Associate Professor, Harvard University

1994-1997 Assistant Professor, Harvard University

1989-1994 Research Fellow, R.S.E.S., The Australian National University

1987-89 von Humboldt Fellow, Max-Planck-Inst. für Chemie, Mainz , Germany


Professional Society Affiliations

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Geophysical Union ,

Association of Women Geoscientists

Geochemical Society

Geological Society of America

Geological Society of Washington

Mineralogical Society of America


Awards and Honors

Ingerson Lecturer, 2004, Geochemical Society at the Geological Society of America Annual Meeting

Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America , 2003

Elected Fellow of the Mineralogical Society of America , 2001

Mineralogical Society of America Distinguished Lecturer, 2001-2002

Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, Max Planck Inst. für Chemie, 1987-1989

Graduate Fellowship, National Science Foundation, 1981-1984

Visiting Graduate Fellowship, Lunar and Planet. Inst., Houston , TX , 1983

Penrose Grant, Geological Society of America , 1981


Editorial Responsibilities

Guest editor, with Eizo Nakamura, Lithium Isotope Geochemistry, Special issue of Chemical Geology , 2004.

International Editor, Journal of China University of Geosciences , 2003-present

Editor “The Crust”, Volume 3 of the Treatise on Geochemistry , Elsevier, 2003

Associate Editor, G 3 , 2000-present

Editor-in-chief of Chemical Geology , 2000-present

Editorial Board of Chemical Geology , 1999-2000

Associate Editor, Journal of Geophysical Research , 1998-2000

Editorial Board of Precambrian Research , 1996-2001

Editorial Board of Geology , 1991-1996

Guest editor for Taylor colloquium issue of Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 1991


Invited Keynote Lectures

"A new view of lower crustal composition", Investigations of Lithosphere Architecture and Development Workshop, Taos , NM , November, 1994

"The continental crust: chemistry and evolution", Symposium in honor of Stan Hart's 60 th birthday, Woods Hole, MA, June 1995

"Integrating continental geochemistry and geophysics", 7th International Symposium on Deep Seismic Profiling of the Continents, Asilomar, CA, 1996

"The longevity of mantle roots: evidence from the Tanzanian craton", F.R. Boyd retirement symposium, Carnegie Inst. Washington, D.C., May, 1997

"Composition, formation and evolution of continental crust", International Symposium on the Origin and Evolution of the Continents, Tokyo, Japan, October, 1997

"Composition and evolution of the continents", Gordon Research Conference on the Interior of the Earth, July, 1998

"The composition of the deep crust and implications for continent formation", Deep Crustal Processes, GSA Annual Meeting, Toronto, October, 1998

“Evidence for a mafic, rutile-bearing reservoir in the Earth”, Symposium in honor of A.W. Hofmann's 60 th birthday, Mainz, Germany, March, 1999.

“Composition of the continental crust and implications for global geochemistry”, Union session on “The solid Earth's chemistry: global inventories and fluxes”, AGU fall meeting, 1999

“Rutile-bearing refractory eclogite: the missing link between continents and depleted mantle” Oualline Lecture in Petroleum Geology, Univ. Texas, Austin, March, 2000

“Chemical analysis and dating of diamonds” White House Conference on Conflict Diamonds, Washington, D.C. January 2001

“Making Continents” EarthScope workshop, Snowbird Utah, October, 2001.

“Stability of Archean cratons: perspectives from Os isotopic studies of mantle xenoliths” Pan-lithoprobe Workshop 3: Mantle lithosphere and lithoprobe: view of continental evolution from the bottom up, Banff, Alberta, October, 2001.

“How Os isotopic compositions of mantle xenoliths can elucidate tectonic evolution of the lithosphere in the SW US”, Symposium in honor of George Thompson, Stanford University, December, 2001.

“The origin of the Earth's enigmatic continental crust”, Mineralogical Society Distinguished Lecture given at: Trinity Univ., San Antonio, TX; New Mexico State Univ., Las Cruces, NM; Cal State Univ. San Bernardino, CA, Brigham Young Univ., Provo, UT, Univ. Clausthal, Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany, Univ. Tübingen, Germany, Univ. Graz, Austria, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, North Carolina State Univ., Raleigh, NC, Elisabeth State Univ., Elisabeth City, NC, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA (from 10/01 to 2/02).

“When young rift meets old crust: xenolith studies from the East African Rift”, Mineralogical Society Distinguished Lecture given at: Univ. Texas, El Paso, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, Duke Univ., Durham, NC (from 10/01 to 2/02).

“Composition of the continental crust: implications for crust-mantle exchange”, Gordan Conference on the Interior of the Earth, June, 2003.

“The role of lower crustal recycling in continent formation”, Thirteenth annual Goldschmidt conference, Kurashiki, Japan, 2003.

“Geochemical probing of continental dynamics”, Ingerson Lecture, GSA Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, 2004.


Students Supervised

Present :

Fang-zhen Teng, PhD (collaboratively with W.F. McDonough)

Sean Timpa, PhD

Past PhD :

Matthias Barth (PhD 2001, Harvard University), thesis topic: Geochemistry of Xenolithic Eclogites from the Man Shield, west Africa, Current Position: Post-doc at Utrecht

Cin-Ty Lee (PhD 2001, Harvard University), Os isotopic investigations of lithospheric mantle stability, southwestern U.S.A. Current Position: Assistant Professor, Rice University.

Senior Theses

University of Maryland:

Jon James, 2004-2005

Marc Lipella, 2004

Alycia Arroyo, 2000-2001


Suzanne Edgecombe (co-supervised senior honours thesis, ANU, 1992) Staff scientist, AGSO, Canberra, Australia

Penny King (senior honours thesis, ANU, 1993) Assistant Prof., Univ. Western Ontario

Alan Orpin (vacation scholar, 1990), Post-doc, Nat. Inst. Water & Atmos. Res., Wellington, N.Z.

Thomas Presper (co-supervised undergraduate scholar, MPI, 1989) Staff Scientist, Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum Hannover (Naturkunde - Abteilung)

Rebecca Sproule (vacation scholar, 1991), Post-doc, Laurentian University, Canada

Kate Tomford (senior honors thesis, Harvard Univ., 1999) Employed as consultant, New York, NY

Alain Trial (co-supervised summer intern, LPI, 1983) Research Scientist, UC Santa Barbara

Post-doctoral Research Associates 

Deborah Hassler (NSF Post-doc, 1999-2001, Harvard University) Research topic: Platinum group element and Os isotopic composition of the oceanic mantle: a case study from the Oman ophiolite. Current position: program administrator, RIDGE office.

Thomas Zack (Feyodor Lynen Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt Society, 2000-2001, Univ. Maryland) Research topic: Boron and lithium geochemistry: tracking fluid flow in paleo subduction zones. Current position: C-1 professor, University of Heidelberg.