Sample Change Procedure


(If you don't know, ask)


Make sure that your sample does not extend above the top of the sample holder - not even a fraction of a millimeter.


To change a sample:


1. Click on the Monitor on the EPMA menu.

2. From the pull down menu that appears, click on Stage Monitor to open the following window.


3. Click on the Sample Change button, and the following should appear:


4. You will be prompted if the x,y, and z coordinates are in the correct . Depress the OK button (If not, call an appropriate personnel). If your sample extends above the top level of the holder, do not proceed, and get in touch with Lab personnel.


5. At this point, a new window (below) will appear. Do NOT press OK at this point.


6. Move to the sample exchange port (airlock). Make sure that the Sample Exchange Chamber Cover (see p. 3-3) is flush against the probe. Press the green light (the Vacuum Control Button). The light will remain ON as the vacuum pumps (approximately 4 minutes).


7. Wait until the green light goes out.


8. When the green light goes out, rotate the Isolation Valve Control Lever to horizontal, pull the lever to the right until it no longer moves (about 6 inches), then rotate the lever back to its original position (down).


9. Slowly and without great force, slide the black sleeve on the Sample Exchange Rod towards the probe until it reaches the end.


10. Rotate the sleeve 90 degrees.


11. Slide the sleeve slowly to the end of the Sample Exchange Rod (it should click into place).


12. Rotate the Isolation Valve Control Lever to horizontal, push the lever to the left until it locks into place, then rotate the lever back to its original position (down). Do NOT press the green button again.


13. Back on the computer, click on OK on the following window.


The sample exchange procedure is now complete.