Procedure for using the Fullum Carbon Coater (carbon-fibers).


(these instructions assume that the system is off to start)


1. Remove the top of the coater (place it upside down on the coater), and the glass cylinder

2. Insert your samples onto the flat base, with the side to be coated face-up.

3. Take two-three carbon fibers, align them side by side in your fingers.

4.  Place one end of the carbon fibers on the electrode of the coater (the attachments are spring loaded, and when the coater top is upside down, you should pull the screw UP) to release the spring).

5. With one of the the fibers locked in place, twist the fibers (together) about 10 times.

6. Lock the other end of the twisted fibers in place.

7. Put the plexiglass cylinder in in place.

8. Flip the top over, and place it on the cylinder.

9. Turn the power on.

10. Rotate the autotransformer slowly clockwise until the carbon fibers burn out.

11. Turn the autotransformer counterclockwise fully.

12. Turn the power off.

13. Open the air inlet.

14. Open top and remove sample.

15. Replace top.

14. Close the air inlet.



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