JEOL Microprobe

Operator's Log


Date: ______________


User Information:

USER: ______________ LOGIN Name: __________ PI: ___________________


File Location (Group/Sample): _____________________


Start Time: ___________ End Time: ______________ Total Time (hours): _____


Department: __________ Account Number (FAS): _____________________


Analysis Information:

Number of Polaroids: ______________ Number of Codonics Prints: _____________


Sample Type: ____________________


Analysis Type (circle) Qualitative Quantitative Standardization Line

Map Processing Tests Phase


Analytical Conditions:

Accelerating Voltage: ____________ kV Vacuum: ______ x 10- ___________ torr


Beam Current: _______ x 10-_ ______ amps Filament Setting: _________________


Sample/Standard Location:


Run Comments and Problems (and corrective action/solution, if any):



Signature: ________________________________

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