Jan 12 2012

After recovering from the "gloomy" (around 60 degrees and cloudy) weather of yesterday, we headed out today determined to collect samples from some spectacular high grade amphibolite blocks with rinds (i.e. the samples for my masters project!).  To our surprise, we were able to make the rock saw work quite easily.  It was smooth sailing, and the saw cut through the rock like a hot knife through butter! Huzzah!  Unfortunately though, our euphoria was short lived,as the saw quit after 3 slices. Bah Humbug :(. On the up side, while giving the saw a chance to calm down and refocus itself, we invented the thrilling game of "Cactus ball". We all take turns throwing rocks at a designated cactus until it falls over. It may not sound that thrilling to you, but trust me, it's good times. Anyways, after a plethora of failed attempts at starting the saw, and a couple good rounds of cactus ball, we called it quits at this location.

After a delectable and rejuvenating lunch at the airport, (my favorite non-outcrop spot on the island),  we sped out of the parking lot with renewed optimism and headed to Ripper's Cove (my favorite spot on the island). Along the beach we collected multiple beautiful block-rind traverses. We even had time to take our shoes off and dip our toes in the frigid yet sparkling clear water! I'd say not a bad day.