Jan 16 2012

So it was another fun day here in Catalina.  I started of the day with a relaxing morning jog on the beach (~50ft long) :). Things just got better from then on. We found bundles of cobbles at Little Harbor. Then we went of again looking for some blocks and rinds.  We got a bit lucky and found a couple usable samples, though most of the blocks were a little too "crispy" to use.

We hit our favorite lunch spot (the airport in the sky) to warm up on this chilly day.  The airport staff know our names by now, and they always ask how the rock collecting is going! Such nich people! After some delectable sandwiches we set off again in search of more blocks and rinds farther down the road.  There must have been something in our food, because from then on we were giggling the rest of the afternoon.  Even in our giggling state we were able to secure another block-rind sample! We also came up with nicknames for each other as we took turns hammering at a block.  I am now Julia..."the arm".... I don't get it!  Anyways, it was another great day!