January 13th, 2012
Sharks Cove, Airport Amphibolite and Gorgon

We started off the day at Shark Cove to collect some conglomerate cobbles for my thesis project! I would say it was pretty successful. With help from Julia and Dr. P-D (below), we collected around 13 samples plus samples from the surrounding melange matrix. I am excited to get started on my senior thesis work and see our hard days out in the field sampling pay off.
Aww yeah!

After an awesome start and a lunch break we ventured back to the amphibolite exposure near the end of the airport runway. The goal was to sample more block core and rind traverses or pairs. Unfortunately, that  did not go as planned. The rocks here are just so weathered and that made it was difficult to find a suitable piece. Instead, we saw some amazing amphibole crystals. They were HUGE and possibly the coolest amphibole crystals I have seen on the trip. We also got a good amount of anthophyllite reaction zones and surrounding metaultramafic rock.

Then we went to one of my favorite outcrops on Catalina....Gorgon. Mega garnet amphibolite blocks all over the hill side, we stayed briefly to just collect some of our favorites. This is hard for me because how could you pick a favorite?! They are all beautiful! We made out choices and headed home satisfied with the work we had done for the day.  We had dinner at The Harbor Reef again and drank Buffalo Milk (yummy!) and then walked on the beach before heading home.