January 15th, 2012
Cottonwood Canyon and Shark Cove

I was a bit worried that we would get rained out today, but thankfully it just drizzled on and off throughout the morning. We went back to the lawsonite-blueschist facies at Cottonwood Canyon to collect more matrix, rind and block core samples. We again had a fairly easy time sampling and had time to spend close to 12 minutes trying to capture a suitable group photo. This was the best of the bunch.

Group Photo

Afterwards we went to Shark Cove to collect more metaconglomerate cobbles! Again we had good luck sampling and collected around 8 more samples. I think the next sampling area for more cobbles will be the Little Harbor beach which we will visit tomorrow morning to try and avoid high tide. That was the end of our sample collecting day so as to not waste the rest of the day...we assembled boxes (which we stole yesterday on our day off haha) and packed up some samples to send back to UMD. We already have 10 boxes, and that doesn't include my cobbles and the other samples to be collected in our remaining time here!
Fingers crossed for no rain tomorrow!


Julia is a good lookout!